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Sports are for losers: On unavoidable suffering and learning to flourish

Reading Time: 5 minutes The recent Olympic Games, the ensuing NCAA March Madness Tournaments, and all other competitions produce an exorbitant amount of one category of athlete: losers. All told, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games alone sent home more than 2,000 losers. Sports and competition itself is a uniquely unforgiving institution. It’s designed so a large majority of participants lose […]

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New research says: Most Americans love God but ignore his impotence

Reading Time: 4 minutes (Writer’s note: If you’d like to receive emailed links to each of my columns when posted, please sign up here.) A recent Pew Research Center survey on U.S. attitudes toward the so-called “problem of evil” (and implied divine impotence) brightly underscores how the perpetuating power of religious indoctrination continues into the 21st century to corrupt […]

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Salvific Suffering and a Possibility of Meaning

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have talked a few times recently about the existence of suffering (or, in commenter skl’s terms “endlessly”) and so it is pertinent of me to mention the then Pope’s 1984 letter on salvific suffering. A few quotes for you from the letter: In the Cross of Christ not only is the Redemption accomplished through […]

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All the Options to Explain Suffering

Reading Time: 2 minutes Quality commenter here, 3lemenope, recently provided us with his idea of the range of reasons that can be given to explain suffering in light of OmniGod: 1. Suffering is a lesson 2. Suffering is deserved 3. Suffering is a means to some other end That’s it. None of the options speak well of an omni-anything. […]

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The Problem of Evil and the Necessity of Suffering

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Problem of Evil is a well-trodden battlefield. How can there be so much (or any) suffering in light of an OmniGod who cares enough, knows enough and is powerful enough to do something about it. The answers are generally along the lines of: No suffering is gratuitous – there could be/is/must be a reason […]

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We Never Expected God to Make Us Happy

Reading Time: 7 minutes I recently heard a sermon reminding us all that “God never promised to make us happy,” and I kept thinking if only I had a dollar for every time I heard that one, well…I’d still stay broke most of the time but let’s not go there. This overly confident minister asserted that a common reason […]