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An Introduction to Bro-Dude Christianity

Reading Time: 11 minutes Hello and welcome! A few months ago, we talked about evangelicals’ reckoning with mental illness in their ranks. One flavor of Christianity seems especially vulnerable to this problem, too: bro-dude Christians. Today, let me show you what bro-dude Christianity is — and how it’s made toxic Christianity even worse. (Disclaimer: Today, we discuss toxic Christianity. Obviously, quite a […]

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Promises, False and Discovered

Reading Time: 9 minutes Now, you’d think that sensible salespeople would want to avoid making promises they can’t possibly keep. Alas for Christians, these promises are so much a part of their overall sales pitch that they can’t. Join me for a look at false promises, and why they devastate Christian evangelism attempts.

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Suicide, Religion and Atheism

Reading Time: 4 minutes Suicide is never an easy thing to talk about. To give some background, The Suicide Act 1961 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It decriminalised the act of suicide in England and Wales so that those who failed in the attempt to kill themselves would no longer be prosecuted (it was never a crime under Scots […]

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Link between Suicide in LGB Youth and Religious Teaching

Reading Time: 2 minutes In a paper from last month, “Association of Religiosity With Sexual Minority Suicide Ideation and Attempt”,  a significant link between anti-LGBT religious teaching and suicide in LGB youth whose religion is important to them was found.  This was published in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Details can be found below: Introduction The purpose of […]

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NOM: When Bad Guys Don’t Want to Be Bad Guys.

Reading Time: 10 minutes There’s this charming little moment in the 1983 animated masterpiece-of-nuttery Rock & Rule that really brings home just how far a villain will go to see him- or herself as anything but the bad guy. I found myself thinking of that moment this week when I heard about a recent news story that gave the world yet another reason to distrust and distance ourselves from Christians.