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We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, especially you

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the recent past, conservative Supreme Court Justices have legalized bigotry by allowing businesses owners to refuse service to select customers. Conservative justices might do this again, and again and again. America is not a country with a well-evolved service industry, and many business owners do not want to make profits by receiving money from […]

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SCOTUS Just Helped Christianity Decline Faster

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hi and welcome back! A couple of days ago, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) helped Christianity decline just a little bit faster. They made a pair of decisions that will hopefully jar quite a few Christians into wondering exactly why their imaginary friend doesn’t actually make their tribemates into better people. Today, […]

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Another Day, Another TRUE CHRISTIAN™ Hypocrite

Reading Time: 13 minutes In the lifetime of this blog, we’ve talked often about how hypocritical the most fervent Christians always turn out to be. We’ve established many times that hypocrisy isn’t a fluke or aberration of the religion but an absolutely inevitable outcome of its various teachings. In the wake of some absolutely explosive new allegations against one of Christianity’s most valiant culture warriors, we turn our attention once again to this simple fact.

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The Religious Right Clearly Thinks We’re Idiots.

Reading Time: 10 minutes I’m noticing a trend lately with the Religious Right that might well baffle observers but which makes perfect sense within the strange subculture that its adherents inhabit: they act for all the world like they think we’re idiots. As usual, there’s a bit more to it than that, though. Today we’ll talk about three examples of what I mean.

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Why “Separate but Equal” Doesn’t Work.

Reading Time: 10 minutes Whenever you hear about any institution or group that specifically singles out one group to hold all the power and exalts the voices of that group while stripping other groups of power and voices, abuse and scandals not only become more likely, but they become inevitable. There isn’t some other way that can work. Today we’ll talk about why and how that is.

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I Don’t Think Anti-Gay Christians Really Trust Their God Much

Reading Time: 8 minutes Taken to the nadir, religion can become a means that truly predatory, shameless people use to gain social control and dominance over others, nothing more, and it is used or deployed rather than practiced or believed; the folks doing this might act like zealots, but really what they are is frauds who’ve found an angle–a foolproof one. And that’s why this week I was struck anew by just how little these zealots appear to truly trust in their god.

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