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The Catholic Justices driving the Supreme Court’s Roe reversal

Reading Time: 5 minutes I grew up Catholic, so I know something about the ancient faith’s hammerlock absolutism, especially regarding anything even remotely sexual. That’s why I immediately thought of sexuality when I learned along with everyone else this week about the “leaked draft opinion” of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. in a case that threatens […]

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The Supreme Court should stop taking religious beliefs so seriously

Reading Time: 3 minutes With a conservative super-majority on the Supreme Court, it’s no surprise that the justices are handing victory after victory to the Christian Right. This week was dominated by the revelation that conservative Christians were about to achieve their biggest victory ever after decades of reshaping the Court (and dismissing all the people who’d be hurt […]

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Supreme Court: Boston can’t reject a ‘Christian’ flag (but there’s an easy fix)

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Supreme Court ruled today that Boston officials violated a man’s free speech rights when it refused to erect his Christian flag outside City Hall. It was a unanimous decision from the mostly conservative Court, and the only silver lining here may be that the decision comes with rather simple solutions. Harold Shurtleff and his […]

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How the NYT botched its coverage of the Supreme Court’s football prayer case

Reading Time: 8 minutes The New York Times‘ hit podcast The Daily published what should have been a straightforward episode on Wednesday morning about a controversial church/state separation case in front of the Supreme Court. Instead, they screwed up basic facts and leaned heavily on the Christian side of the debate. The case in question is Kennedy v. Bremerton […]

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Oklahoma’s restrictive abortion ban could portend an ominous Supreme Court decision

Reading Time: 2 minutes Republican states have been pushing the envelope on abortion for decades. Although Roe v. Wade had established women had a right to receive an abortion, conservatives fought to narrowly define that right and to limit the time available for women to make that choice. But for decades after the landmark decision, the Supreme Court’s decision […]

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What the uproar over Biden nominating a Black woman to the Supreme Court says about the US

Reading Time: 4 minutes OnlySky · What the uproar over Biden’s Supreme Court promise says about America | Marcus Johnson When a liberal Supreme Court justice announced his intention to retire, and the President pledged to nominate an African American to the court, condemnation from conservative senators was swift and predictable. The President is putting politics and race ahead […]

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Is Ginni Thomas delegitimizing the Supreme Court?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In September of 2021, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gave a speech at Notre Dame University, slamming members of the media who claim that the court has become a partisan body. “I think the media makes it sound as though you are just always going right to your personal preference,” Thomas said. “So if they […]

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Is the Supreme Court hopelessly partisan?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Above all else, the U.S. Supreme Court is supposed to be rigorously nonpartisan, considering the law in an objective manner and adjudicating disputes without bias toward the views of co-partisans. But is the Supreme Court truly a bastion of objectivity, when most other U.S. institutions are explicitly partisan? The court goes to great lengths to […]