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Can we still make peace in space?

Reading Time: 6 minutes What a year for symbols of peace and progress. On Thursday, April 7, the UN General Assembly removed Russia from the Human Rights Council on which it had sat for weeks while displacing 10 million Ukrainians, internally and abroad. In the inadequacy of an international organization formed after World War II to sustain peace among […]

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There is hope, too, in the well

Reading Time: 5 minutes A common belief in journalism is that you have to emphasize the horror of a situation to spur action. If people aren’t driven by an existential threat, how can we ever expect them to act for a better world? But the well of our world’s suffering runs deep enough with sorrow. We still have a […]

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Scientific horoscope Sun March 13 – March 19

Reading Time: 3 minutes The scientific horoscope this week will educate you on neutrinos, Mongolian voles, Elon Musk’s Neuralink, and more! Pisces You may be dreaming of summer days and nights, Pisces. And someday soon you won’t have to worry about mosquitos carrying dangerous diseases thanks to science. image by @worachatsodsri Aries You may feel like you’re hitting your head […]

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Lounge11: One of the first internet viruses

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is the story of “Lounge11.au,” an audio file that is a long-forgotten example of one of the first internet viruses. Remember when this was what we meant by “viral”? The music in this video is a loop of a track called “lounge11.au” Lounge11.au used to play in a continuous loop on the Hormell Food’s […]

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Science’s Future Is Glorious; Religion – Why Bother?

Reading Time: 2 minutes By James A. Haught In an 1820 letter to Portuguese scholar Correa de Serra, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Priests of the different religious sects… dread the advance of science as witches do the approach of daylight.” Jefferson saw the clash between religion and science clearly. Ever since his day, science has achieved astounding benefits for humanity, […]