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Stop the Christian nationalist coup: Make politicians pay for their Crusades

Reading Time: 4 minutes When state Senator Stanley “Jason” Rapert of Arkansas sponsored a Senate bill that called for the placement of a Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds in Little Rock, he made it clear that no taxpayer funds would go toward the construction of the monument, for which he had established a crowd-funding campaign to meet […]

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The Dependence of Biblical Law Codes on Ancient Near Eastern Law Codes

Reading Time: 4 minutes I am writing a book on the Exodus to build on both my previous two books (The Nativity: A Critical Examination [UK] and is The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story [UK]).  The working title is The Exodus: A Critical Examination of the Moses Story, and here is the introduction to my chapter on the law codes of […]

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Using Common Sense to Not See God

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bob Seidensticker, of Cross Examined here at Patheos, contributed a chapter to the recent book Not Seeing God: Atheism in the 21st Century. In his piece, he joins a few of us in the first section who look to philosophically dismantle the notion of God. The book is set into three sections. There is a great variety of […]

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“Very simple Johno. Thou shalt not kill.” – Er, not so simple.

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was having another abortion debate on facebook, as happens far too often, mainly with a Catholic adversary. The thread was started with this meme: One of the side threads went like this: Him: Oh for the days when nuns wore habits and believed the ten commandments. Me: wow. Just wondering where in the ten commandments it mentioned […]

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Two Bad Arguments for Public Displays of the Ten Commandments

Reading Time: 6 minutes Earlier today, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of taking down a 6-foot-tall stone monument to the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol.  The reason?  Because it violates their state’s constitution, which stipulates that it’s not okay to use state property to privilege one religion over another. In this […]

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