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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inScience

The Asteroid Impact the Bible’s Writers Missed (LSP #203)

Reading Time: 8 minutes Granted, a worldwide slate-wiper genocide like the Great Flood, which we discussed just last week, would have caused even more devastation than the Chicxulub asteroid impact. I mean, that asteroid just wiped out most of all life on Earth — 75% of all plant and animal species, including every four-legged animal that weighed more than about 25 kilograms (55 pounds). That’s kinda small potatoes compared to what would have happened if some petulant man-child of a god had actually suddenly submerged the whole planet in many oceans’ worth of water for a while.

Posted inReligion

Gospelbound Talks (Ineptly) About Deconversion

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, we covered a post by Brett McCracken on The Gospel Coalition (TGC) (archive link). In it, he slammed deconversion and ex-Christians in the most hateful and contemptuous ways imaginable. But at least he demonstrated nicely that evangelicals have finally begun to notice the process of deconstruction and the vast number […]

Posted inGeneral

Sean McDowell and the Cruel Dilemma

Reading Time: 7 minutes Though it was mercifully brief, Sean McDowell alluded to one of the nastiest bits of manipulation in his business, the cruel dilemma. Today, let me show you what the cruel dilemma is, why it’s so manipulative, why apologists use it, and how it’s backfiring nowadays.

Posted inUncategorized

How Christians Use Peace of Mind as a Control Tactic

Reading Time: 9 minutes only a small part of Christian evangelists’ goal involves persuasion and recruitment. The major part of the magic of this campaign happens inside the heads of the salespeople themselves. Today, let me show you how this Christian advertisement works best: on the salespeople using it.

Posted inReligion

The Hilarious Glory of a Failed Showdown

Reading Time: 13 minutes Toxic Christians like to set up big showdowns between two diametrically-opposed sides to force other Christians to pick a side they dislike, in order to avoid picking a side they profoundly don’t want to support. That mentality used to work grandly. But now that Christianity is failing, it isn’t working quite so well. Here’s a Christian who tried to set up one of those showdowns, and how he failed on a galactic level.

Posted inReligion

Miracle Maxin’: The Ongoing Problems With Miracles

Reading Time: 8 minutes Today, almost five years after Miracle Maxin’ debuted, we look back at why miracles are still at once one of evangelists’ most treasured persuasion tools–and yet one of the most damning pieces of evidence contradicting their claims. Today I’ll show you why so many Christians cling to the idea of divine aid and why they can’t look away from the idea of miracles–and even why they get so touchy about people who refuse to buy into their claims.

Posted inReligion

Ray Comfort and the Cruel Dilemma

Reading Time: 12 minutes Evangelical leaders are forcing their followers into a showdown, one that it can ill-afford at this point. That Chick tract we’ve been discussing, “Dark Dungeons,” is a prime example of this idea. I’ve been using the term “Cruel Dilemma” for a while, and it seems appropriate now to bring it up–since it’s part of why I see Christianity losing so many people these days.

Posted inLGBTQ, Religion

Tony Waller and the Cruel Dilemma.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Do you folks remember Anthony Waller? He’s a youth pastor I discussed about a year ago who got caught with a lot of child pornography on his computer. At the time, I considered his story to be yet another entry in the ever-growing list of ways that Christianity is failing its own young people. There are some noteworthy updates to the tale that I want to briefly touch on today.

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