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Why authoritarians love—and hate—an apology

Reading Time: 7 minutes A couple of months ago, an interesting news story passed my desk. Republican senator Tom Cotton held up an important congressional vote about the justice system. And why, one might idly ask? Well, because long ago, a Democrat involved with this procedure had interrupted him. Cotton was still furious about it, and he wanted an apology. Today, let me show you why that apology mattered so much to Tom Cotton.

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LifeWay: A Continuing Spiral to the Bottom

Reading Time: 10 minutes LifeWay is the publishing and propaganda arm of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) — and easily the denomination’s biggest and most influential subgroup. But in recent years, LifeWay looks more and more like a star that is falling. Today, let me catch you up on what’s going on with this evangelical publishing company — and show you why their most recent leader reflects this dysfunctional group’s covert goals a lot better than its stated ones.