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God: Some Unholy Questions for You

Reading Time: 4 minutes A good few years back, I wrote a book called The Little Book of Unholy Questions. The book was designed to be in some way, at some times, a little irreverent. But when it was that, and at all other times, the questions had a layer or dimension to them that was deeper than at […]

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God: Why Don’t We Photosynthesise? Revisited…

Reading Time: 4 minutes I posted this video the other day: But no one really listened to it and the conversation flowed anyway. That said, I want to clear up a few things. Firstly, this isn’t a case of how doable human photosynthesis is, either in terms of biology or conversion efficiency. God is OmniGod and can stack the […]

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Thoroughly Enjoyable!

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the virus hits, you’re going to need something to read, right? I’ve been trying to work my way through a philosophical post on Humean and non-Humean approaches to the Laws of Nature. Meh, what you really want to know about is another fab little review to one of my early books, The Little Book of […]

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Miracles, Prayer, Coincidences and Statistical Probability

Reading Time: 13 minutes I went to the pub last night with a couple of mates, one of whom is the founding member of the Tippling Philosophers. Because we are very cool people, we spent a large amount of time talking philosophy and theology. Strap yourselves in, this ain’t short. My other friend talked about a couple of unexplained […]

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Questioning Prayer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Prayer came up in conversation on another post the other day, so… This small excerpt comes from my book The Little Book of Unholy Questions (please grab a copy!): Prayer is an integral part of any Christian’s life. It is the connection between life on earth and God, wherever he might reside. A divine conduit. People fill their prayers […]

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Satan’s Incomprehensibility

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many people, particularly fundamentalists, still believe in a real and actual Satan. Of course, to everyone else, this is completely incomprehensible. And here’s one reason for why, as John Loftus sets out in his book The End of Christianity (p. 100): That the highest created being, known as Satan or the Devil, led an angelic rebellion against […]

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CofE school headteacher ridiculed after claiming evolution is only a theory & there is ‘more evidence’ Bible is true

Reading Time: 4 minutes Oh dear. Yet again the “just a theory” trope raises its ugly head. This is such a common issue that it featured predominantly in my chapter on evolution in The Little Book Of Unholy Questions. The Daily Mail reports: A Church of England primary school headteacher has been ridiculed after claiming evolution is only a theory […]

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New review of Unholy Questions

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Little Book Of Unholy Questions is my 2011 book which acts as a cumulative case against the existence of God. I am thankful for this latest review. The book also has a new cover (click on the image to go to the Amazon listing): Dynamite in a Small Package! By Julian W. Haydon on July 12, […]

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