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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inPolitics

How Political Power Works and Maintains

Reading Time: 9 minutes This was a facebook post that I felt I had to repost here from someone/profile called Ad Sinistram. This is precisely the scenario that gets me riled, and why I have complained that the US political landscape, with its overt lobbying, constitutes legalised corruption. The UK, it appears (unsurprisingly), is little different. You’d be forgiven […]

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The Reliability of News Sources

Reading Time: 2 minutes Epistemology is the study of truth and knowledge in the context of philosophy. And when writing about philosophy and politics and religion and all the things I do, I need to ensure that my sources are as reliable as possible. Of course, this should be paramount for everyone the world over. As my regular readers […]

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Stats: The Daily Mail Is by Far the Most Inaccurate (Dishonest?) Paper in Britain

Reading Time: 3 minutes IPSO, the press self-regulatory body, have recently released the stats concerning inaccurate claims that have been challenged and upheld: Staunch left-wing site Another Angry Voice reports it as follows: It’s important to bear in mind that these 37 upheld complaints only scratch the surface of the dishonesty and inaccuracy of the mainstream press. IPSO only proceeds with […]

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Analysing the Muslim Foster Care Scandal: Daily Mail Hypocrisy

Reading Time: 9 minutes There has recently been a scandal in the UK regarding a child from a Christian background being fostered by Muslim foster carers. This has produced quite a lot of media attention due to the fact that the foster carers supposedly encouraged the five-year-old girl to speak Arabic and banned her from eating bacon, as well […]

Posted inPolitics

“Alt-Right”? No, the Far Right.

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s all going off in the US, that’s for sure. But something that has been bugging me, and many others, is the use of the term “alt-right”. This seems to be a term to describe the rise of the right amongst social media and popular culture that we have seen over the last ten years or […]

Posted inPolitics

FOX News Is At It Again

Reading Time: < 1 minute FOX News is biased. Yes, we know that. And we know that MSNBC is almost as biased the other way. But these montage videos really show this in simple detail (these are facebook embedded videos, so some people might have adblockers or work site blockers – you might need to wait a few seconds for them […]

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A Science-Based Solution to Lies in Politics

Reading Time: 8 minutes I am cross-posting this from my Patheos Nonreligious mate Gleb Tsipursky (at Intentional Insights). I will look at signing up to this later this week when I get a spare moment. See what you think. Personally, things like this can only be a positive move in the right direction. Over to Gleb: Deception proved a very successful […]

Posted inPolitics

A Sweet Irony on Election Day

Reading Time: < 1 minute I have voted, for what it’s worth in my Furst Past the Post condemned constituency. Here is a sweet irony from my local newspaper, the Portsmouth News. I always like to get my political education from the Richmond Motor Group, as well as theological advice, too.

Posted inPolitics

Trump Edging Ever Closer to Authoritarian Dictatorship

Reading Time: 3 minutes Trump is becoming more controversial by the day. I have been worried of his intentions to dismantle democratic processes and institutions. For example, only the other day Sean Spicer decreed that certain news media were not allowed into a press gaggle, including the BBC, CNN and others. Now we have the Republicans voting to allow police […]

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