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The Pope’s second confession

Reading Time: 9 minutes And the Pope said to the Confessor: It is done, you know. Popes do slip away into the night and dine at friends’ homes. I had a most exquisite dinner with Salvatore Marino and guests earlier tonight. Oh, the wine! The wine! The rain nearly conspired against us, but we got there. Sal is a […]

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The Pope’s first confession

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Pope hovered forty thousand feet above the coast of Africa, amid the wispy cirro-stratus clouds. Suddenly, all human languages spoke at once, not in cacophony, but in delicate, percussive synchronization. All of humanity, dead and alive, spread out above the Sea, on the Earth, and in the Sky of Africa, was calling upon the […]

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Can The Pope Be Fallible?

Reading Time: 2 minutes This was written a few years ago before Pope Benedict resigned. Pope Benedict XVI, otherwise known as Joseph Ratzinger, is deemed infallible when it comes to matters of church dogma.  According to the Church, God tells him what to say, and he cannot be wrong.  Last weekend, Ratzinger lifted the excommunication of some pretty nasty […]

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Are Catholic Clergy more Likely to Be Paedophiles than the General Public?

Reading Time: 7 minutes This is a question that has been kicking around ever since the child sex abuse scandal involving the Catholic church came to the fore. In around 2010, loads of articles came out, citing some data, that the priesthood was broadly in line with national averages, some people claimed it was actually worse in Protestant churches/organisations, and many […]

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Knights of Malta head quits after condom row with Pope

Reading Time: 2 minutes Grand Master Matthew Festing, 67,  pictured above, has resigned after becoming embroiled in a public dispute with the Pope over a condom distribution programme. His resignation, according to this report, comes after German aristocrat Albrecht von Boeselager was dismissed over the condom programme last month. Festing had refused to cooperate with a Vatican inquiry into […]

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Why is the Vatican a State?

Reading Time: 3 minutes [This was written a few years ago when the pedophile priest scandal was at its peak. The scandal seems to have died down, but the questions that were raised have not gone away.] The central office of the Catholic Church, The Vatican, is considered a nation. No other religion is accorded this honor. Why does […]

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Populist Pope?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pope Francis has become the darling of liberal media with his populist positions on climate change and economic inequality. This has caused some discomfiture among Right Wingers who would normally embrace anything the Pope says because of the Catholic Church’s adamant opposition to abortion and contraception. Now they are saying that the Pope should stay […]

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Faith: Pretending to know what we do not know

Reading Time: < 1 minute http://youtu.be/la9RGZnGADQ Using Peter Boghossian’s analysis of “faith” from his book A Manual for Creating Atheists, this is part of a project to create a parody of Pope Francis’s June 2013 essay on faith, Lumen Fidei. The project is educational in nature, seeking to practice with the idea of replacing the term “faith” with the meaning […]

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Sex, Doubt and the Pope

Reading Time: 4 minutes Many liberal Catholics have been encouraged by Pope Francis’s comments about sexual ethics in a recent interview. His general point was that these are lesser matters, not to be emphasized at the expense of the church’s essential message of healing and salvation.