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How Christians Lied to Me About Life Without Christianity

Reading Time: 11 minutes I can see why Christians have all sorts of untrue notions about life outside their religion, and this is one of the most untrue and the most game-changing of all the untrue things they believe and teach. In short, Christians flat-out lied to me about what life was like after I deconverted, and I’ll show you how–and why–they did it.

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A Little Bit Like Mourning: So Much For Your Happy Ending

Reading Time: 10 minutes Losing one’s faith can feel a lot like mourning the passing of a loved one. There’s so much emotion bound up in a deconversion that it can be hard to unpack exactly what’s happening. I’ve been thinking about the topic lately because we’ve been touching on the topic in comments here and there. Strangely, it was an old song that really crystallized and solidified some of my thoughts.

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The Happiness Hucksters.

Reading Time: 10 minutes We’ve been talking about happiness lately: what it is and isn’t, and why Christians seem so unhappy as a group. Last time we touched on the Happy Christian Illusion, that veneer of happiness that Christians pretend to have for various reasons. Today we’ll talk about why that veneer is necessary, and why it covers such a huge core of unhappiness for so many people.

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The Happy Christian Illusion (Isn’t Real).

Reading Time: 8 minutes Many Christians buy into a narrative that their religion offers about happiness, not realizing that there is a distinct and real disconnect between that narrative and the lived reality of Christians. Today we’ll talk about that narrative itself–what it is, how to recognize it, and how real it actually is.

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Captain Cassidy’s Quest for Happiness: Where It Wasn’t

Reading Time: 10 minutes One of the big threats Christian leaders make to their flocks about deconversion is that if they leave the religion, they’ll become miserable. Oh, certainly they make other threats that are equally ludicrous: ex-Christians will instantly lose all meaning and purpose in life; they’ll become terrible and immoral people; they’ll destroy and/or lose their families; they’ll suddenly get a long run of absolutely horrible luck… I’m sure I missed some there, but that ought to get everyone started. Today we’re going to cover that first threat: how Christianity is supposed to make believers happy–and how it doesn’t.

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If Phil Robertson is a Christian’s Idea of Joyous, Then I’m Happy to Be Miserable

Reading Time: 10 minutes You know, it seems like very often one of the accusations that get hurled at non-Christians is that we are obviously very miserable and sad because we don’t have the “joy” that Christians feel. This accusation is usually news to us, since most of us are pretty happy without Christianity; I can attest that my own life became much happier once I discarded the indoctrination I labored under as a Christian. So today we’ll be talking about joy and happiness.

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