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Storks, Evolution and the Problem of Evil

Reading Time: 2 minutes This tweet came from The Non-Alchemist and is worth dwelling on: If the all-powerful, all-knowing, and perfectly good God of Xtianity exists, she seems to have either guided/allowed evolution to go down this path *or* this suffering is the result of two humans eating a fruit. Forgive us for doubting the plausibility of these stories […]

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Morality as Evolved; What about God?

Reading Time: 8 minutes I am first going to furnish you with an excerpt from Robert Sapolsky’s Behave [UK here] before discussing the content within a theological context. Of course, what Sapolsky has to say is nothing new or groundbreaking, but it serves s a good introduction to the topic. AGAIN WITH BABIES AND ANIMALS Much as infants demonstrate the rudiments […]

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No Miracles for Monsterlet

Reading Time: 8 minutes Mr. Captain and I have–or rather had–a cat we nicknamed Monster for how downright evil she was (but she was “just a little one”). She passed away yesterday. Her death reminded me of how David Marshall, among many other Christians, believes that this world we live in is the best possible world out of all possible configurations and that his god is in charge of all of it–and how wrong that belief is in reality.

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Darwin’s Long Regret

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since we’ve been reading a lot lately about scientists pandering to religion, it’s worth remembering that there’s nothing new under the sun. As long as there’s been science, there have been believers who fought fiercely to prevent their god of choice from being dislodged from a gap, and there have been scientists who felt obliged […]

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The Language of God: A Final Word

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Language of God, Closing Thoughts By B.J. Marshall Collins’ final word comprises two points: that there is joy and peace in God’s creation, and that the war between science and spirit should end. In this post, I’ll discuss these two points. I’ll conclude by giving a final word of my own as my journey […]

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The Language of God: Biologos: Epic Fail

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Language of God, Chapter 10 By B.J. Marshall In this chapter, Collins tackles the claim that BioLogos damages both science and religion. Collins disagrees in a way that fails so epically that it almost makes the previous sections of this book seem prescient. For the atheist scientist, BioLogos seems to be another “God of […]

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The Language of God: Biologos: It’s All Greek to Me

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Language of God, Chapter 10 By B.J. Marshall After formally laying out his premisses and his conclusions, Collins muses why Theistic Evolution (TE) hasn’t caught on. He surmises that it simply isn’t widely known that one can mix science and religion harmoniously, that the position is in effect invisible in the harmony it creates […]

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The Language of God: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Faith

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Language of God, Chapter 10 By B.J. Marshall Chapter 10 introduces Collins’ concept of BioLogos, but first he gives an overview of Theistic Evolution (TE) and why it works to bridge science and faith. Although we’ve talked about TE previously, this chapter shows Collins laying out six premisses that support TE. He then has […]

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