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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

Josh Duggar: Excusing the inexcusable

Reading Time: 12 minutes The scandal around Josh Duggar has had a few days to ferment. News sites that previously hadn’t even breathed a word about the scandal are now tiptoeing into the waters with super-carefully-worded pieces about what he did, now that it’s painfully obvious that Christians as a group are talking about it. Mainly, unfortunately, they’re largely defending it.

Posted inReligion, The Secular

Islam vs Christianity: the core differences

Reading Time: 5 minutes I have articulated this many, many times, but never yet as a full blog post, so here goes. What is it that differentiates the two major world religions, and how does this translate across to the behaviour of their adherents?

This is a pretty vital question for understanding the state of affairs with world religions and worldviews, especially in present day context…

Posted inGeneral

Consolidation and the Dwindling of Belief

Reading Time: 9 minutes I saw this really interesting piece about “church cannibalism” and it ties into something else I was reading about the dwindling of religious belief in America. What these two stories tell me is that Americans are steadily becoming less religiously observant over time, but huge megachurches are growing in membership and numbers. But I’m not […]

Posted inReligion

Winell on the ridiculousness of the Atonement

Reading Time: < 1 minute Marlene Winell, an ex-Christian, in Leaving the Fold, wrote, The most serious demand for unquestioned belief is, of course, the atonement.  First the believer is to suspend familiar notions of justice, such as punishment for the guilty as opposed to an innocent party.  You are then expected to accept the necessity of blood sacrifice for sin; […]

Posted inReligion, The Secular

Theology, a con

Reading Time: < 1 minute “Christianity teaches the sublime message that man can know his Creator. It does not teach that man can fathom his Creator!.” – all these sorts of claims do is inoculate God from falsifiability so that he/she/it becomes a pea in a conman’s shell game, moving from one shell to the other when any given shell is […]

Posted inReligion, The Secular

The Holy Trinity as incoherent #1

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Holy Trinity has had a problematic history, partly evidenced by point of fact that theologians still don’t agree on how it works, and partly seen from its ex post facto evolution, shoehorned into the scant evidence of the biblical texts. From Ignatius of Antioch onwards we see development of the idea in early church thinking, until it is codified at the Council of Nicaea in the 4th century CE. There will be more talk later on what was creedally set out.

Posted inReligion

When We Can’t Both Be Right

Reading Time: 10 minutes Sometimes it happens that two people have two completely opposing opinions about something. We can take identical lists of objective facts, filter them through a big variety of cultural conditioning, expectations, mores, and personal inclinations, and come out with an opinion that might totally differ from someone else with the same exact list of facts. […]

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