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Trump: ‘Americans kneel to God, and God alone’ as Republicans embrace Christian nationalism 

Reading Time: 2 minutes Christian nationalism has been surging in the Republican Party, with elected officials and new candidates pushing to bring Christianity back to the forefront of American politics. At the conservative Turning Point USA conference, former President Trump joined voices calling for more religion in government.  “We will not break, we will not yield, we will never […]

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AG memo suggests Trump indictment unlikely before midterms

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new memo from US Attorney General Merrick Garland to officials at the Department of Justice suggests that President Trump is unlikely to be indicted before the midterm elections in November. Throughout the January 6th committee’s hearings on Trump’s efforts to overturn the election, political and legal commentators have suggested that the former President could […]

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Jan. 6th committee begins investigating extremists’ links to the insurrection

Reading Time: < 1 minute The House Jan. 6th committee is holding its latest round of public hearings, with a focus on the links between former President Donald Trump and far-right extremists such as QAnon, the Proud Boys, and the Oath Keepers. The committee highlighted how far-right extremists answered Donald Trump’s call to come to Washington. Members of the committee […]

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Why Trump will ‘win’ again

Reading Time: 6 minutes OnlySky · Why Trump will ‘win’ again (and the USA will be no more) “Them’s the breaks.”  So said Boris Johnson the other day, as he resigned from the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, in the wake of various scandals, exposed lies, and dwindling political support. Alas, if only we had such […]

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Trump won politics. But can he win again?

Reading Time: 4 minutes You can say anything you like about Trump, but he has won politics. And he’s probably going to try again, to most likely avoid jail, because let’s be honest: he certainly doesn’t need it to achieve anything political. He will never ever top this crowning achievement. Hail Trump, Lord of the Nominations, King of the […]

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Musk will bring Trump back to Twitter, calls the ban ‘foolish in the extreme’

Reading Time: 6 minutes Organisms generally need oxygen to survive and flourish. Certain organisms require more oxygen to reach their peak. In the social media ecosystem, whose habitats include the undrained swamps of the American elite, one apex predator once reigned supreme. And in the misinformation mudslinging and disinformation data-dumping, Trump’s famed Twitter rule came to an abrupt end. […]