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Election 2020: Fundagelicals’ Post-Truth Bizarro World

Reading Time: 11 minutes Hi and welcome back! This past week, I read some absolutely astonishing stories about fundagelicals, those wild and wackadoodle fusions of evangelicals with fundamentalists. For years now, they’ve occupied their own bubble of reality. Indeed, the Shitposter-in-Chief, Donald Trump, has been pandering his little heart out to them in the wake of his loss to […]

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Things Christians Love: The Meaningless Apology.

Reading Time: 11 minutes We’ve talked before about the not-pology, that kind of apology that isn’t actually a real apology. I’ve been reading PostChristian by Christian Piatt, who makes use of that common Christian distraction tactic early in the book. I’ll show you why he used the kind of apology he did, what he thinks it means, and what it really reveals about the people who use it–and why we’re on firm ground to view all similar apologies with deep suspicion.

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A Tale of Two Arguments.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Christians claim that they have one holy book and one god, one truth and one “objective morality.” But somehow they have managed to turn those simple ingredients into tens of thousands of denominations, at least as many rancorous doctrinal differences, a cottage industry of pseudoscience producers, and countless cultural squabbles.

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