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Queen Elizabeth II dies at Balmoral

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Queen of England, head of state for the UK and 14 countries in the Commonwealth, has passed away at the age of 96 at her home at her Scottish estate of Balmoral. She achieved the status of Britain’s longest reigning monarch. Over recent weeks, the Queen’s health has been deteriorating, with a number of […]

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The center of space and time

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I was eight, I’d sit with my father in our basement in St. Louis drinking grape soda and trying to ferret something sensible out of the whistles and whines of his short-wave radio. We’d lean into the speaker as he ran the dial slowly around the world, picking up one whispery broadcast after another, […]

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NZ lawmakers ban conversion therapy after impassioned speech by Deputy PM

Reading Time: 4 minutes In six months’ time the dangerous and despicable practice of conversion therapy will be outlawed in New Zealand after lawmakers today (Tuesday) voted to ban discredited, mainly faith-based attempts to “cure” homosexuality. After hearing an emotional speech by Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson, who opened the third reading of the proposed ban, Labour, the Green […]

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Have YOU Seen This Missing 100-Ton Recycling Plant? (LSP #219)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Interestingly, absolutely nobody has offered a supernatural explanation for this disappearance. And of course nobody has. This is a 100-ton recycling plant we’re talking about, not lost keys or a parking spot or a missed connection on the subway. Nobody’s going to blame this one on demons or pixies or malevolent Neolithic Bell-Beaker ghosts. Nobody thinks wizards cast a spell to shift a recycling plant into the astral plane.

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Seeking the trans people of the past

Reading Time: 6 minutes To learn about trans people, we have to read between the lines of history. Info about trans folks comes to us not from autobiographies or travelogues, but rather largely from legal cases from centuries past. And that info comes to us filtered through the worldview of authority figures who condemned transgender people entirely.

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A Pelican Finds His Freedom — Again (LSP #205)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Recently, a Great White Pelican in Ireland found his freedom — again (archive). I loved this story. Who couldn’t empathize with him? Indeed, his attempts to gain freedom seem to have stirred something in his captors, who don’t seem to be in a huge rush to recapture him. Today, Lord Snow Presides over all of us large birds who would rather fly free than stay captured.

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Animal Rights for the Isle of Man (LSP #183)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi and welcome back! Slowly, slowly humanity stumbles toward a brighter future. Legislators on the Isle of Man have proposed a new bill that recognizes five basic rights for animals. Today, Lord Snow Presides over some good news: another corner of our world has recognized the pressing need to grant rights to animals. Human Rights: […]

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