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Atlas Shrugged: Welcome to Atlantis

Reading Time: 6 minutes Atlas Shrugged, part III, chapter I And now, we embark on the third and final part of Atlas Shrugged. When we left off at the conclusion of Part II, it was on a cliffhanger: Dagny’s plane was spiraling down for a crash landing, plummeting into a mysterious valley that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Part […]

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The Perils of Scriptural Morality

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was cheered by a story I saw last week about about heroic activist groups working to end the barbaric custom of female “circumcision”, aka female genital mutilation, that’s practiced in parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. FGM isn’t unique to Christianity or to Islam, but is found across a range of traditional […]

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The Contributions of Freethinkers: Gene Roddenberry

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a wedding present to ourselves, my wife and I bought the DVDs of the original Star Trek, and these past few months, we’ve been working our way through them. For myself, it was a test: I hadn’t seen most of these episodes since my childhood, and I was curious to see if they held […]

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Reengineering Human Nature: Dogmatism

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Problem: Human beings are stubborn creatures, set in our ways, resistant to changing our minds once we’ve made a decision. Religious groups publish creeds which they believe must be taken on faith and should be maintained against all contrary evidence – and they consider the ability to do that a virtue, rather than a […]

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Reengineering Human Nature: Pride

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Problem: According to Christianity and other monotheistic religions, pride is the deadliest sin. Taking excessive pleasure in yourself and your own talents and accomplishments is the surest way to end up condemned. I personally don’t agree with the extreme view that pride is the worst possible character flaw – when properly harnessed, it’s an […]

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Reengineering Human Nature: Selfishness

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Problem: Nearly all the world’s religions teach that we should be generous to the poor and needy, and warn that greed and selfishness are destructive sins. “For the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). But this principle is rarely honored, even by the religious leaders who supposedly believe […]

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