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Catholic Church announces makeover

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Roman Catholic Church announced yesterday that the organization will change its name to Candle as part of a major rebranding. The head of the Vatican’s marketing team, Cardinal Lampeter, delivered the news. “Polling indicated that people mostly know us as a global network of pedophile-enablers,” said Lampeter. “Unfortunately, it’s hard to move forward when all […]

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Remembering the Catholic Church’s role in the immolation of Vietnam

Reading Time: 6 minutes Nearly sixty years after a Vietnamese Buddhist monk set himself on fire in Saigon, we have largely forgotten the reason—not the US invasion, but an oppressive Roman Catholic regime that precipitated what came to be called the Buddhist crisis.

It’s time for the Catholic Church to acknowledge its active hand in that disaster and the war that followed.

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Op-ed: Paris trial sent an appalling message to clerical abusers

Reading Time: 3 minutes LAST month, the Pope’s former Ambassador to France, ex-Papal Nuncio Luigi Ventura, above, was tried for sexually assaulting five young men, including a Paris City Hall official. One of the complainants’ lawyers suggested that the charges represented ‘the tip of the iceberg’. Ventura, who fled France to return to the Vatican, was found guilty and […]

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Why is the Vatican a State?

Reading Time: 3 minutes [This was written a few years ago when the pedophile priest scandal was at its peak. The scandal seems to have died down, but the questions that were raised have not gone away.] The central office of the Catholic Church, The Vatican, is considered a nation. No other religion is accorded this honor. Why does […]

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The Vatican says evolution is okay

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Roman Catholic Church has long affirmed the validity of evolutionary science. Unlike some (certainly not all) other Christians at the time, it never condemned Darwin or his ideas; and in 1950 Pope Pius XII described evolution as a valid scientific approach to the development of humans – a stance reaffirmed by Pope John Paul […]

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