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Yahoo boys, money rituals, and the magic of desperation

Reading Time: 6 minutes Yahoo boys, babalawos, money rituals. If these terms don’t already mean anything to you, brace yourself—we’re venturing into hard territory. Nigeria is a West African country with two-thirds of the US population packed into less than a tenth of the territory. And there, in recent months, a perennial cycle of violent rituals thought to bring […]

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The Exorcism of the Man in Black (LSP #145, TPD Ch. 25)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! We return now to our longform examination of Frank Peretti’s literary hairball, his 1986 fantasy novel This Present Darkness (TPD). In this installment, Bernice’s attacker has his very own Gerasene Demoniac moment, ending with a(nother) dramatic exorcism. Today, Lord Snow Presides over a millennia-old story retold again. (Please click here to find the […]

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How Villains Send a Message (LSP #144, Ch. 25)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Lately, we’ve been reading and reviewing Frank Peretti’s 1986 novel This Present Darkness. To say the very least, this book’s a slow burn! But now that we’re past the halfway mark, things are finally picking up steam. In today’s installment, the evil villains spring into action. This time, they target not the […]

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Legalizing Sex Work to Stop Male Violence Is As Bad As Jordan Peterson’s Enforced Monogamy

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the wake of yet another mass shooting, I’ve seen men on Twitter suggesting that we legalize sex work in order to give these poor sexless dudes an outlet so they don’t go on shooting sprees. But this is just as bad as the enforced monogamy nonsense from Jordan Peterson, and it relies on women’s bodies and emotional labor to build peace.

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Does Religion Cause Violence?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Of course, the problem here is in the question. What we mean by religion and what do we mean by cause and violence? The claim is certainly commonplace that religion causes violence to the point that even my own mother now often says it’s in light of news of religious violence around the world. But I think it’s […]

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