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Why dissenters won’t (and can’t) save Christianity or evangelicalism

Reading Time: 8 minutes Eventually, one after another, various Christians have become completely positive that they know exactly how to save their religion from utter irrelevance. A recent New York Times op-ed post represents only the most recent of the tribe’s guesses about how to do it with evangelicalism. Today, let me show you some of the previous guesses. Then, let’s check out this most recent one. And then, let’s explore why it won’t work either–and why it can’t.

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Why evangelicals keep trying to sneak into public schools

Reading Time: 8 minutes In West Virginia, public school students found themselves in the middle of a midday evangelical revival on school grounds. There is absolutely no way this should have happened or been allowed, and yet it was. But there’s a reason why it was, of course. Evangelicals are fighting for every single thing that’s important to them: dominance, cultural power, numbers, everything. And they know that victory will come to the side that owns the hearts and minds of today’s children.

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Evangelicals’ Israel obsession is falling apart lately

Reading Time: 7 minutes or many decades now, evangelicals have supported Israel to the hilt. But lately and increasingly, younger evangelicals don’t care about Israel. Some even actively oppose the idea of supporting Israel. Today, let me show you why evangelicals support Israel — and how they’re reacting to their younger members’ rejection of this super-important culture war ideal.

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Before Evangelicals and Fundamentalists Fused Together (LSP #218)

Reading Time: 7 minutes The evangelicals I knew back then thought fundamentalists were dangerous zealots and wingnuts who’d missed the entire point of Christianity in their mad dash to theological super-correctness. Meanwhile, fundamentalists thought evangelicals were lukewarm weaklings who couldn’t handle the real deal of TRUE CHRISTIANITY™ — and thus would fold and accept the Mark of the Beast the moment the Endtimes began in earnest.

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Why Michael Flynn dreams of theocracy

Reading Time: 9 minutes Naturally, Michael Flynn got reamed on Twitter for his comment. But he’s revealed a truth that we dare not ignore. This is the endgame for his entire flavor of Christianity. This is them revealing something very important about what they know about their decline. Today, let me show you the dreadful truth that Michael Flynn let slip about evangelicals.