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On changing minds: Do debates work?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have just finished a foreword for a book of debate openers and other essays for prolific atheist author John W. Loftus. His voluminous and impressive back catalog covers the whole gamut of anti-theist thinking and analysis. This book, Debating Christianity: Opening Salvos in the Battle with Believers contains, in Part I, the written debate openers […]

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The “Real” “Minimal Facts” about Jesus

Reading Time: 9 minutes In the closing stages of writing my latest book, The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story [UK], I had a few test readers. One was David Austin, down in Australia, who has provided a few guest articles for your delectation. Here is another one – thanks muchly to him: The “Real” “Minimal Facts” about Jesus […]

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Lowder, Kalam and Creating the Universe from Nothing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here is the foreword to my book Did God Create the Universe from Nothing: Countering William Lane Craig’s Kalam Cosmological Argument [UK] by Jeffery Jay Lowder. I think this is one of my tightest books, one that I am particularly proud of. Anyway, over to Lowder: There are many arguments for and against God’s existence. For almost […]

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Sinnott-Armstrong, Unfair Distribution of Evidence for God, Belief, & Free Will

Reading Time: 4 minutes To continue the theme of evidence with relation to convincing believers and non-believers to either maintain their belief or take on belief in God, after the recent set of articles concerning Doubting Thomas, let me bring philosopher Walter Sinnott-Armstrong into play with a quote from his book with William Lane Craig entitled God? A Debate between a Christian […]

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‘Logical Christians’ and the Great Divorce Between Beliefs and Behavior

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hi and welcome back! For the past few days, we’ve been talking about a theme: the way toxic people cultivate a complete divorce between their beliefs and their behavior, between fantasy and reality. Indeed, a vast number of Christians consider themselves to be very logical people who only adopted their various (contradictory) opinions as a […]

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