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Babes + booze 4ever: A review of “Girly Drinks” by Mallory O’Meara

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you hear the phrase “girly drinks,” what comes to mind? Probably pink drinks and cosmos, white wine, and sweet fruity stuff. But what if I told you these concoctions are a pretty recent development that actually reflects a centuries-long history of men trying to exclude women from developments in various important aspects of alcohol […]

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If you believe in sex differences, you’re probably sexist

Reading Time: 3 minutes If someone claims to see “sex differences”—apparently concrete and non-varying differences between men and women—I can be reasonably sure that they’re sexist, or that they benefit from sexism, which is basically the same thing. The whole notion of “sex difference” is somewhat outdated, along with “sex role” which we now call “gender role,” but the […]

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The Silence of Pamphile of Epidaurus (1st-Century Fridays #10)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! It’s Friday, and that means our attention turns to history. Specifically, we focus on a voice from the 1st century to see if they said anything about Jesus or Christianity during Jesus’ supposed lifetime.  This time around, that voice is female. Pamphile of Epidaurus wrote some excellent histories, so let’s see if […]

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Back When Al Mohler Supported Women Pastors

Reading Time: 9 minutes Yesterday, I showed you the re-eruption of a decades-old slapfight going on in evangelicalism: whether or not evangelicals should allow women to be pastors. This archaic-sounding squabble represents a central issue to the usual gaggle of Christian Right bigots-for-Jesus. And very few of them despise the notion of women pastors quite like Al Mohler. He fights against the idea with all the radicalized passion of a convert — because that is precisely what he is. Today, let me show you a very different Al Mohler: one who fully supported women pastors, and then, I’ll show you the force that brought him up short one fateful day.

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Exactly Why Evangelicals Keep Arguing About Women Pastors

Reading Time: 7 minutes There’s an extremely good reason why evangelicals are so stuck on this one question. It’s not a reason that flatters them or does anything good for their plummeting credibility, alas. But it at least explains why their opposing sides can’t ever find any common ground here. So today, I’ll show you exactly why evangelicals keep arguing about women pastors.

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An Evangelical Site Tries Hard to Ignore Their Single Moms

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the April issue of Christianity Today (CT), their cover story involved the most hilarious bait-and-switch attempt I think I’ve ever seen from any Christian site, like seriously ever. In this story, CT tried to pretend that there’s some big groundswell of single evangelical women (and some men) who are adopting children rather than waiting for marriage and procreation. Today, let’s look at this story they ran — and the real one they absolutely, positively did not want to discuss — about evangelical single moms.

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The Love Narrative Fouling Up the Evangelical Husband Hunt

Reading Time: 9 minutes A few days ago, we started talking about a 2008 book, Where Have All the Good Men Gone by A.J. Kiesling (who is one of those women). We’re discussing it to get some ideas of why single, middle-aged evangelical women just can’t find husbands within their faith community. And it turns out that one major hindrance for them is their own fixation on a particular love narrative — a cherished fantasy that interferes with the reality of their situation. Today, let me show you the false love narrative that holds these single evangelical women back — and how far they’re willing to go to hang onto it.

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The Exodus of Single Women From Christianity Continues

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hi and welcome back! One of this blog’s central concerns remains the decline of Christianity in America, especially what I’ve come to call its churn rate. For many years, that decline has resulted in a decided gender skew in churches. Nowadays, most of them consist mostly of women! But now, it looks like that tide has […]