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Soon after Robert Williams stabbed his wife, Sakina Wallace, in the neck more than 30 times, killing her, he submitted to a police interview.
On the videotape,

A detective showed Williams a photo of Wallace and referred to the victim as a Muslim woman. In turn, Williams responded: “Muslim woman? If she was a Muslim woman none of this (expletive) would even exist.”

At trial, the prosecutors said that Williams, 41, had gotten it into his head that Wallace was cheating on him, and that he killed her because

“… he objected to her behavior in their Muslim community.”

So in Robert Williams’ world, butchering your wife isn’t something the “Muslim community” objects to?

Williams, by the way, wasn’t just content to spray his walls with his wife’s blood; he had to try to destroy her reputation, too.
According to the D.A.,

Williams took his wife’s cell phone and text-messaged naked pictures of her to all her contacts, making it appear that Wallace sent out the pictures herself.

He typed messages to accompany those photos.
“I’m so evil I tried to contract AIDS and give it to my loving and caring husband,” read one.
“I’m sorry everyone but I pretend like I’m a Muslim when in all reality I’m a whore and I represent Satan,” said another.
On Friday, a jury took only an hour and ten minutes to convict the “loving and caring husband” of murder. He now faces 25 years to life behind bars.


P.S.: This post initially ran with a photo of Robert Williams provided by the Albany District Attorney’s Office, and sourced from WNYT News, Albany’s NBC affiliate. Due to concerns in the comments that the photo may have been of a different convict with the same or a similar name, I pulled it on Monday at 1 a.m. EST, and replaced it with the generic image you now see above. I also sent an e-mail to WNYT asking for clarification. If I hear back, I’ll provide an update here.

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