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Watch and shudder:

What these men do — buying underage girls for sex — is neither prostitution nor in any way illegal under the Shiite interpretation of Islam. It’s a religious practice called nikah mut’ah, a convenience marriage that can last anywhere from minutes to months, with a divorce included in the agreement. Money changes hands — perhaps a few thousand dollars — and the rich buyer goes off (and gets off) with his newly-acquired sex slave, until he tires of her.
Then the girl is returned to her family, and may be sold — I mean, “married” — again.
Nikah mut’ah is frequently a religious cover for sex tourism, as it is in the German video report (above) from the Jordanian desert. The men flock to where poverty and desperation are greatest, and a teenage sex slave can be had for cheap. For instance:

[S]cores of rich Muslim tourists visit Southern India for a few weeks of nookie by “marrying” local girls whose families are mired in poverty. After the sex vacation, they divorce the girls and fly home to their families, no questions asked.

Temporary Islamic sex marriages — between adults — are gaining acceptance among Western Muslims, too. More here and here.