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A half dozen Allah aficionados from Blackburn, England, are going to prison for their attempt to kidnap a 35-year-old woman named Sarah Harrison in June of last year.
What caused the broad-daylight attack? The five women and one man, of Pakistani descent, were outraged that their sister, Nazma Ditta, 28, had refused an arranged marriage with a man chosen by the family. She was in a relationship with Harrison instead.
Surveillance camera footage played in court showed

… members of Miss Ditta’s family trying to bundle Ms. Harrison into their car, along with shouts of “Get her in, get her! You’ve messed with the wrong Muslims!” According to Preston Crown Court, Miss Harrison said she was worried that she would have acid thrown in her face.

Ms. Harrison was attacked by sisters Ghazala Ditta, 31, Nighat Morris, 38, and Atfah Ditta, 32, and their brother Tahmoor Ditta, 26. When a work colleague of the victim tried to intervene, Tahmoor Ditta threatened them by brandishing a metal tool, while the three sisters punched and kicked Miss Harrison before attempting to drag her into a silver Toyota Corolla.
The victim managed to stop herself from being kidnapped by holding onto the side of the vehicle. Eventually, the attackers gave up and got back into the car and drove away.

As is usual with this category of crimes, tribal culture and Islamic doctrine were inextricably linked.

The judge said the offences were partly motivated by the defendants’ perception that Ms. Harrison “lacked your religious beliefs.”

The six received prison sentences between three and a half years and five years and four months.

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