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Not a lot needs to be said here, because the video says it all. Some Christians really can point at a perfect summer sky and claim it’s green with yellow polka dots.
Just as they can come to a public atheist display, cover it up with a banner about angels, and claim that their actions are intended as a show of love and support for non-believers:

“What we’re hoping that it’s possible that if we as Christians show our love and support for our atheist brothers and sisters that maybe, maybe they might be more tolerant toward Christian values, not only, you know, at Christmas time, but the entire year, as well.”

I’m not making that up. It’s a quote from William Kelly, chairman of the Remember America Foundation. Listen for yourself, at 3:49.
The Christian lady at 0:20, however, gets it:

Everybody should get the opportunity to speak here. Whether it’s an A, whether it’s a menorah, whether it’s a nativity.”

In the unlikely event that Kelly didn’t yet make his shadiness and mendacity sufficiently clear, he posted the above video to YouTube with a caption that reads, in part:

An angry atheist attacks Christian demonstrators in Chicago’s Daley Plaza.

No angry atheists are in fact shown, and neither is an attack of any kind — other than Kelly sucker-punching truth and decency in the gut.