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No fewer than 114 nonreligious candidates are running for office across the United States in 2022. ‘The Candidates’ cuts through the noise of political ads and talking points, going straight to the issues that matter while also getting to know candidates as individuals with unique personal journeys into politics.

Hosted by political strategist and OnlySky chief impact officer Sarah Levin.

The Candidates
host Sarah Levin


PA Rep. Emily Kinkead: ‘I will publicly embarrass you if I have to’

Rep. Emily Kinkead sat down with OnlySky’s Sarah Levin to discuss prayer in the legislature, public financing of campaigns, making sure minority-owned businesses are prioritized when marijuana is legalized—and publicly embarrassing the bureaucracy when necessary on behalf of frustrated constituents.

AR State Senate candidate Chenoa Summers: ‘I could not stay silent anymore’

Chenoa Summers was inspired to run for Arkansas’s 20th Senate District seat when extremists started attacking her local library and demanding book bans. I live in Craighead County, Arkansas, in Jonesborough. We have one of the best libraries in the state. And it has been attacked relentlessly over the last year by censors. And not…

PA Assembly candidate Meg Rosenfeld: ‘People are not disposable’

Pennsylvania General Assembly candidate Meg Rosenfeld’s progressive platform—pro-choice, pro-education and arts, and passionate advocacy of equal access to health care—is rooted in her sometimes daunting life experience. The result has been a desire to help others remain free to make their own choices. “I wouldn’t force them into a situation where they no longer had…

NE State Senator Megan Hunt: We need candidates ‘who are evidence-focused’

Over the past four years, Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt has been one of the more sensible, progressive voices in her state legislature. The openly atheist lawmaker has called out conservative Christians who rejected comprehensive sex education and helped defeat an extreme abortion ban this past summer. While her non-theism has caught the attention of…