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Sorry for the clickbaity title but once you’ve finished reading this post I´m sure you´ll see that I did not exaggerate.

Meet GoodScienceFYou aka James Arjuna aka James Campbell Gruver – a “professional scientist and engineer” with 48 years experience!


James might look like an ordinary human being but looks are deceptive. Believe it or not, James is a certified genius (according to James).

I am a tested genius, way beyond your comprehension.

But James is not just any genius, no, James’ towering intellect is truly in a league of its own.

None of my claims are silly. They are based on Evidence found in the REAL world.
I suggest that you learn from me. I am one of the most educated people on science you will ever find.

His abilities apparently have no bounds.

I am gifted according the PhD who tested me.
I am a genius living in a world of retards. Everything I apply myself to, comes out great.
Normal humans seem retarded to me.

Wow! What can this genius teach us ordinary mortals you wonder? Prepare for a ride…

Did you know that our “really ancient ancestors” were much smarter than we are? According to James:

Most of our really ancient ancestors had their totally functioning faculties and they could remember hundreds of
thousands of lines of words.
How do we know this, because eventually they started to need to write them down.

Impeccable logic! But I wondered whether the same “logic” would not also mean that our ancestors could fly because they needed to built planes, or were many billion times faster at mental arithmetics because they needed to built computers, or could see in infrared because they needed to built infrared devices and so on and so forth. Well, according to our certified genius James, that is indeed correct!

The need for computers is evidence of human degradation.
And yes our ancestors could see at night and have lost visual spectrum. You are so stupid, you don’t know this?
Our ancestors some 14,000 to 50,000 years ago had massive knowledge of math and of metals. You don’t know this.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking – “Aww, come on Andy – that guy is obviously a Poe!”

And how I wish it were so, but alas, James has been blessing the online community with his genius-level contributions for many years, writing thousands of comments and creating dozens of videos on youtube, so I´m afraid to tell you that this guy is for real. And we are just getting started….

James really likes to talk about how ancestors were so much better than us at everything because we are all “genetically degraded”. They had much better immune systems than we have for example:

It is a proven fact that cancer is a normal phenomenon in all people.
The people who get it are those with degraded immune systems.
I live at high altitude and the UV is intense. Healthy people with a decent immune system NEVER get cancer.

Vaccines have done nothing to improve human health.
All they are is pure evidence of human degradation and sickness caused by weak immune systems.

Vaccines are evidence of human degradation. Polio is not the disease.
The disease is the inability to ward off simple virus infections without the aid of vaccines.

Wow! Betcha didn´t know that ;-).

But wait, James is also an expert on biochemistry:

Bacteria has never evolved. It mutates to learn to digest whatever food is present that contains carbon based matter.
Some bacteria do this by photosynthesis and process carbon that way.

That looked strange to me because I, ordinary human that I am, always thought that “synthesis” and “digestion” are the exact opposite of each other but according to our certified genius James, I was wrong about that:

“digestion of carbon based matter” is the same as synthesis of carbohydrates, It is the food used by the bacteria

Wow, “synthesis” and “digestion” are actually the same thing – who knew! Also, I always thought that “food” is by definition a substance that organisms eat, drink or absorb, not something that they synthesize within their own bodies, but I´m not a genius like James. However, I am a biologist, an evolutionary biologist even, so his remarks about bacteria “never evolving” naturally made me curious.

You see, James is not just a genius, he is also the expert on evolution!

I am the expert on the theory of evolution, genetics and what is really going on . Yes. And I never tell lies.

Turns out that I was completely misinformed about Richard Lenski’s Long-term evolution experiment with E. coli – that experiment is actually strong evidence for James’ claim that “genetic degradation” is inevitable because:

There is no where for this weak, sickly and degraded E-coli to go. It is at the end. It does not have the ability to revert to any of its prior foods. It is fleshy and full of fluids.

Interesting, according to Lenski’s peer-reviewed publications, his E. coli did not lose any metabolic pathways (but they did evolve the ability to metabolize citrate under aerobic conditions which they could not before). Also, calling a single-celled organism “fleshy” appeared strange to me, and claiming that “full of fluids” is a bad thing for an organism that is necessarily >70% water seemed downright idiotic, but I guess you need to be a certified genius for this to make any sense.

James also taught me about the difference between “science” and “magic”. “Magic” would be for example something like DNA mutations:

You believe in magical causes and mystical processes that have NEVER been seen in any evidence.
NOTHING EVER IMPROVES by some accident.
And all the evidence shows this.

That was certainly news to me! I always thought that “magic” was something like the story in Exodus about Moses and the Pharaoh’s “sorcerers” turning staffs into snakes with Moses staff-snake eating up the other ones, but boy was I wrong.

You cannot show the process that was used to make a staff become a snake because you do not have the science with which to make that happen. So, you think it is magic.
You probably think that taking a crap is magic. That is how stupid you are.

I also always thought that the evolution of Nylonases – enzymes that break down Nylon (a synthetic that was invented in 1935) – within a matter of a few decades nicely demonstrates how quickly Bacteria can evolve new enzymes, but I was also wrong about that:

The Evodelusionists are so excited about this that it shows evolution to them, but it only shows the truth. The say nylon is a “synthetic” new material that is only been around since 1930.
Here is a clue. Bacteria is programmed to adapt and to digest any digestible carbon based foods it finds.
Nylon is made of natural materials. It is MOSTLY CARBON. Carbon 6 is the most common variety. I have never found a student of Evolution who knows that nylon is made of carbon. [1] They have no clue and no teacher is going to tell them this fact in order to maintain the illusion of evolution.
In less than 9 generations this bacteria made a duplicate gene. [2] It chose the exact gene to duplicate for no reason and for no cause according to Evotnuts [3]. Just the odds of it choosing that particular gene to duplicate is in the 1 to trillions in such a short time. [4]
Then it decided for no reason and for no cause by magical ridiculous Evotnuts made up crap to make a frame shift mutation of the duplicated gene. How did it know to make a frame shift and that the frameshift would possibly give the desired results of survival? [5]
Then miraculously it put in new start and stop codons in exactly the right place on this frame shifted duplicate gene. [6] The odds of all this happening in 9 generations is beyond mathematics to calculate.[7]

Wow! So much to learn here.

1. You see, it is not impressive at all that bacteria evolved to digest a compound that didn’t even exist before 1935, because all matter that is made out of one chemical element or largely out of one chemical element, is basically the same.

Which is why a diamond, a pencil, Insulin, a PET bottle, lumber, oil etc. pp. are all basically the same thing and all require the same chemistry to digest.

Also, all synthetic chemical compounds like DDT or Nylon are in fact natural. There cannot even be any “synthetic” chemical compounds, not even in principle, because they are all made out of chemical elements that naturally occur!

2. Hmm… I don’t really understand that because one specific DNA duplication is a single event that happens within one organism so that makes exactly as much sense as saying “in less than 9 generations, my next door neighbor voted for Donald Trump on super tuesday” – but again, I guess you must be a genius to understand this.

3. We actually know several mechanisms for this happens, if the gene is flanked by repetitive regions, this often happens through homologous recombination for example.

4. Ah, creationist mathematics. Remember, there are no populations, there is always just a single individual that evolves and “it” has to experience the right mutation (there is always one and only one specific mutation that leads to a specific phenotype, despite what those stupid biologists might tell you). Also, the odds of “choosing” one gene out of ~3000 are “1 to trillions” because Jesus.

5. New rule: chemical reactions within a bacterial cell are not actually governed by thermodynamics and chemical kinetics as all other chemical reactions are, they rather depend on the bacterium knowing that the chemical reaction will be beneficial for the reproductive success of its offspring. If the bacterium can´t figure this out, Jesus will prevent the chemical reaction from happening.

6. “Putting in new start and stop codons” actually already happened – that´s what a “frameshift” is (well, not all cases of new start and stop codons for a gene lead to a frameshift, but all frameshifts necessarily involve new start and stop codons). But I´m just a stupid biologist, not a genius like James.

7. It actually happened in roughly 4 decades but I guess in Creationist biology, bacterial generation times are roughly 4.5 years.

So far, James has taught us amazing new things about biology and chemistry, but he is also “an expert in math”. I bet you have always been using percentages incorrectly like I did, so prepare to be corrected:

I am an expert in math.
You seem to think that modern government math in which percentages are added is how percentages work.
I know this is very difficult for most people to comprehend but PERCENTAGES are MULTIPLIED NOT ADDED.
If you have 100 people our of 100,000 with a rare disease in 1975 and now you have 180 people out of 100,000 it is a 180% rise in this disease.
Here is the math.
180/100 (percentage) = 1.80 = 180%
This is how percentages have operated since the conception of percentages.
You idiots would say it rose by 80%. The “by” means mathematical calculations according the PhD of math I learned from. It is the short version of by a factory of 180%.

Got that? So if you have 100$, and spend 1$, you did NOT spend “1% of your money”, no, you spent 99%. Don’t believe me? Here’s the math: Tim Lossen - flickr Tim Lossen – flickr

99 / 100 = 0.99 = 99%.

So…. what do you think? Did I promise too much in the headline?

And, believe it or not, we barely scratched the surface of the black hole of ignorance, stupidity, arrogance and narcissism that is “GoodScienceFYou” aka James Arjuna.

[EDIT – JP – I thought I’d add this quote in, too:

One of the rules on my message forums is that anyone who uses “grammar” or “spelling” as a tool to harm others will instantly be rewarded with banning forever. It is considered to be rotten Netiquette.

It is considered to be one of the most of all the ill mannered things that ugly hateful people do on forums, when they cannot argue about the subject.

It reflects badly on you and your family when you attack other people’s words.

Some people, like you, have really bad English very poor sentence structure, and bad grammar: and still you have the gall to criticize my nearly perfect English.

I have a tested IQ higher than 99,968% of the living humans at the time of the test. That is not my fault and it is not really a blessing to be this smart in a world of lazy and stupid people.

All the test did was to confirm what every body around me knows. I have been called genius by every employer I have ever had. I learn faster than anyone else on any subject and I get to the bottom of the subject fast.

I am skilled in so many physical and mental abilities that others cannot comprehend. I had a good education as well, My science teachers did not believe in anything either without evidence. and when I asked them for evidence they did not come up with bullshit. They realized there was no evidence for the theory of evolution and just said: “It is just a theory”. I don’t ever allow anyone to get away with bullshit.

It was too good not to include. JP]