Reading Time: 2 minutes Dorre Love (via YouTube)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

There’s a warrant out for the arrest of street preacher Dorre Love (below), who has been charged with aggravated assault after he broke a man’s leg during a confrontation in Vancouver’s West End.

Dorre Love (via YouTube)

Love had been mounting a targeted campaign of harassment against the community, blasting his anti-LGBTQ sermons through high-powered speakers across the heart of the city’s gay village. After putting up with it for weeks, with police unwilling to intervene despite community complaints, local sportscaster Justin Morissette approached Love to request an end to the unwelcome preaching.

Love refused to pack up and go, and he refused to keep it down. In the resulting scuffle, Morissette snatched away Love’s microphone, and Love broke Morissette’s leg in multiple places, also dislocating his knee.

At that point the police kicked into gear, gathering evidence that resulted in charges being approved by the Crown on Thursday.

That same day, Love posted an Instagram video in which he returned to the West End, though he claims he wasn’t deliberately targeting the LGBTQ residents with his preaching:

Listen, some people be like, “Oh, you know what, you always go to the gay village and blah, blah, blah, to pick on gay people,” which is not true. I always tell them that everywhere I go, I preach. And fortunately for me and unfortunately for the gay neighborhood, the Fat Burger — the best Fat Burger in the city — happens to be in their neighborhood.

So I’m about to pass by the corner where I got arrested and where they banned me from for a month until those bogus charges were stopped, were dropped… This is the spot right here, where they harass preachers and illegally put people in jail.

Given that he blatantly and demonstrably lies about the charges being dropped, it’s hard to take anything he says very seriously. I can’t imagine Fat Burger is too pleased with their newest spokesperson.

Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too long before he’s behind bars. He likes to post his whereabouts on social media, and his style of walking around preaching loudly isn’t exactly inconspicuous.

Meanwhile Morissette still regularly faces Twitter comments from people who accuse him of physically assaulting Love and breaking his own leg. But he’s holding his own with some brilliant zingers, like this reply to a tweeter who said they couldn’t understand why Love’s fans were so invested in their theories surrounding his innocence:

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Richard for the link)