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Here’s an encouraging story from the Las Vegas Emergent Cohort leader about one Christian high school student’s response to the atheist bus ads. It starts:

I recently read an article in the New York Times that explained how Atheists in Britain, with the strong celebrity of Dr. Richard Dawkins at the helm, launched a campaign to preach a godless message across their country via bus advertisements.

I shared the article with my Apologetics students (I’m a teacher at a private school) and asked them to give me their initial thoughts. Most of the kids were filled with outrage. “We should hit back with our own billboards”, one yelled. “Yea, and the government shouldn’t let Atheists write that kind of stuff anyway, it should be illegal”, agreed another.

I kept a blank face while I listened to the students campaign for censorship and more aggressive proselytizing, but in my heart I sighed with discouragement. These kids don’t hear anything I say, I thought to myself, despite months of instruction, they still see these issues in only two dimensions. But then, to my great astonishment, one my students bravely put forth a different opinion…

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