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In the US, severe medical needs may simply go ignored in the workplace.

Not every “sincerely held religious belief” is sincerely held.

This is how I hope any parent is discussing any current topic with their kids. It’s my utopia.


Prepared by Nic Frame, Purdue Dept of Sociology

The secular defense of reproductive rights

80% of nonbelievers support a woman’s right to an abortion for any reason. This is significantly greater than any other religious affiliation except for Jewish, among the most secular of ethno-religious groups, with which it is virtually tied.


a weekly wrap by ml clark

Our new Roe At Risk section makes it easier to follow coverage on this vital issue. Click through to explore a recent analysis by Dr. Abby Hafer.

ML Clark

Rick Snedeker offers insight into the judicial side in The Catholic Justices driving the Supreme Court’s Roe reversal, Marcus Johnson notes a broader schism in Red and Blue America fast becoming fundamentally different countries, and Adam Lee raps complacent liberal knuckles in Your rights are up for grabs, and they always were.

Our gaze also turned north this week for simpler affairs. Hemant Mehta’s Canada’s government rejects motion to end daily prayer in House of Commons and Nathan Alexander’s How God was wedged into the Canadian constitution explore my own country’s fuzzier church-state divide. Meanwhile, this Canuck rounded off a Fascism in India series with The global turn toward nationalist politics and The weaponization of religious custom.

But Phil Zuckerman was my standout read of the week, with It is time for the end of Zionism, a moving appeal for a post-Zionist Judaic world. It pairs well with Wan Kun Sandy’s beautiful meditation, There is a secular afterlife, which explores the best possible impact of our time alive.

For those who like a little doom-scrolling with their secular surfing, Jonathan MS Pearce has you covered with a sneak preview of the next woeful installment in future history textbooks: Musk will bring Trump back to Twitter. And for the data crunchers, enjoy a deep dive into literary forensics with Captain Cassidy’s splendidly thorough The reality of people being ‘hungry for the word’.


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