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“I do social work, and the idea that the world is falling apart around us is a constant conversation. People are afraid. I try to encourage hope in younger generations. We need to be encouraged by how secular younger people are, that they are walking away from religion in droves, or just not even taking it on at all, that they are completely fearless. They’re the ones who are going to be taking positions of power. We may have some turbulent years, but people are resilient.”

RAVEN, social worker

Like Truman reaching the end of his town-sized TV studio in The Truman Show, we kept going until we finally found ourselves on the outside looking in.

I bet at the instant that wafer stuck to her tongue and began to turn to goo, Salvatore Cordileone began to sizzle and burst into flames, and he didn’t even know why yet. 

If there’s a through-line to some of the best movies of 2022 thus far, it’s a fixation on the body’s inexorable march toward decay.

Prepared by Nic Frame, Purdue Dept of Sociology

The secular defense of reproductive rights

80% of nonbelievers support a woman’s right to an abortion for any reason. This is significantly greater than any other religious affiliation except for Jewish, among the most secular of ethno-religious groups, with which it is virtually tied.


One minute we are told that trans women are so masculine and powerful that they will destroy women’s sports, and the next we hear that they are so indistinguishable from other women that we need chromosome tests to tell them apart.