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When witches say they’re going to cast a spell on Donald Trump in order to prevent him from harming anybody, it’s one thing for a Christian zealot like Joshua Feuerstein to complain about what really amounts to nothing, even going so far as to tell people to pray to counter the hexes.

It’s truly disturbing, though, when an elected official is doing the same thing.

This morning, newly elected Florida State Rep. Kimberly Daniels went on Facebook Live to lament the witches and call for prayers on behalf of Donald Trump. (Worst. Democrat. Ever.)



God, we know that sacrifices have been made and that demonic activity is taking place, God, concerning the leadership of this great country, God, and you said for us to pray for those who are in leadership…


God, I command every witch and every warlock that would try to send confusion to this nation, confusion to this government, confusion to this great man, what blood was shed for religious liberty, God, in the name of Jesus, not by power and not by [unintelligible], but by your spirit, I say they will be fired


… America is under siege. God, when it comes to the place where witches are bold enough to come out and declare that they will have authority over who’s the President of the United States, I think it’s time for the saints of God to take a radical position, and we send every curse back to the vortexes of Hell where they came from, in the name of Jesus.


And God, let every judgment of a witch and a warlock be judged by the most high God. Oh, God, I’m glad that witches are coming out of the closet. God, it will cause those, God, that know Jesus, those who know the words of prayer, those who know the power of the blood of Jesus, there’s power in the words of Jesus…


God, I thank you, that a fool says there’s no God. Hallelujah, God, I bless you and glorify you, that you are Lord, Daddy God, you are Lord, and God, I thank you that we pray, God, over that Presidential seat. Don’t matter who’s in it.

You know she’s trying to ride Feuerstein’s coattails by her use of vertical video…

Just remember that if Daniels wasn’t Christian, you’d be wondering what the hell is wrong with her. Just because we’re used to Christians talking nonsense like this doesn’t mean we should pretend this is normal.

Maybe you hear all that and think to yourself, “She should be a minister, not an elected official.” Well, she is. Her personal page, linked to from her official State Rep. Facebook page, take you to the website for her religious ministry. Her bio even makes clear that she is “currently influencing her city in both the spiritual and political realm” and that she writes columns for Charisma, the cringe-worthy Christian publication that is constantly outdoing itself to publish the most ridiculous defense of the faith.

In fact, her entire State Rep. Facebook page is full of Daniels just promoting her religion. Surely that’s crossing a line, isn’t it?

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