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Considering right-wing pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, a conspiracy theorist who’s running to primary a Republican senator from Oklahoma, recently claimed Black Lives Matter was founded by lesbian witches, it’s not really a stretch to hear him now calling Dr. Anthony Fauci a “mass-murdering demon” while praising Kyle Rittenhouse for being an “American hero.”

One of them worked to save countless lives. One carried a weapon across state lines and shot three people (two of them fatally). Leave it to Lahmeyer to only condemn the first guy.

“Kyle Rittenhouse, in my opinion, and in the opinion of a lot of people, is an American hero,” Lahmeyer added. “He’s a patriot. He defended his community. He defended himself. He’s going through Hell now because of it. I am hopeful, and I believe that he’s going to be found not guilty. I’m praying for Kyle, and I think it’s important that you pray for Kyle as well.”

“Anthony Fauci is responsible for the creation of this man-made biological weapon virus called COVID-19,” Lahmeyer declared. “I have made the commitment [that] I am going to call out Anthony Fauci every single day because Anthony Fauci is a mass-murdering demon doctor. … I call him a Luciferian. Anthony Fauci needs to be fired, arrested, and convicted for crimes against humanity.

Of all the things to say about Rittenhouse, claiming he wanted to defend “his community” is laughable considering he lived about 20 miles away from Kenosha, Wisconsin (where his father lived). Claiming it was self-defense is also a stretch when his AR-15 arguably invited further conflict, though that’s what the jury is now deciding. And as many people have pointed out, he almost certainly wouldn’t be a right-wing hero if he were a Black man who went to a Trump rally with a weapon and later shot and killed people.

As for Fauci, Lahmeyer’s lies are beyond parody. Fauci didn’t create the virus but he has spent the past 18 months explaining how we can protect each other from it.

Lahmeyer later said “Our nation is living upside down right now.” He right about that. Just not for his twisted reasons. A large swath of our country is governed by people who reject reality as a character trait and demand that everyone else follow suit. Expertise is punished while fake bravado is celebrated. The more of us who are subject to that kind of “leadership,” the worse off we’ll all be. And yet Lahmeyer needs to be watched precisely because he’s trying to replace a senator who’s already awful as is for not being awful enough. It’s not out of the question that he could pull it off.

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