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How Christianity is like Bitcoin

Reading Time: 4 minutes RIP my inbox, I know. But hear me out. I can imagine a world in which cryptocurrencies are safe, secure, and more readily accessible to a broader range of people. Perhaps that day will come, but we are nowhere near there yet. Today, cryptocurrencies are still plagued by a host of limitations that make it […]

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Hosea was no hero

Reading Time: 7 minutes Yahweh promised them they wouldn’t have to develop advanced weaponry or curry the favor of neighboring nations because he himself would protect them. Their primary weapons were thoughts and prayers, and for some reason those weren’t enough to keep Israel from being invaded and taken over again, and again, and again.

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Why the church keeps getting Covid wrong

Reading Time: 5 minutes I live in the Deep South, and now that the Delta variant is here, I’m back to wearing a mask again wherever I go. School started back for us last week, and masks are mandatory because our district doesn’t have any wealthy white people bullying the school board into disregarding the pleas of every hospital […]