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Former The Satanic Temple (TST) spokesperson and reproductive rights advocate Jex Blackmore, who was (evicted? I’m going to say evicted) evicted from the organization when … just go watch the movie. Anyway, Jex took an abortifacient pill on air.

Let’s get you up to speed

At some point during the filming of Hail Satan?, Jex Blackmore was doing weird art things and (as part of an artistic experience) expressed a vehement distaste for the then occupant of our country’s highest office. Those remarks caused such offense she was effectively excommunicated by TST.

This is all spelled out in Penny Lane’s documentary “Hail Satan?”.

Prior to that, fellow OnlySkyer Andy Hall and I had recently started a podcast in late 2015 and for our 14th episode on Groundhog’s Day Eve we had an interview with Jex Blackmore.

(My apologies for the audio quality. We were very new at this then.)

Naked Diner Ep. 14 – Jex Blackmore, Published Feb 1, 2016 © ZXH Creative

Then Jex Blackmore said some stuff and Penny Lane made a movie

Ok, you’re all caught up.

Then, yesterday on Detroit local Fox affiliate Fox2, Blackmore found herself in a panel discussion with abortion opponent Rebecca Kiessling and newscaster Charlie Langton.

That abortion definitely didn’t look like murder to me

YouTube video

To make a point about how by combining Telehealth and prescription delivery one can easily have an abortion in the privacy of your home, Blackmore took a mifepristone pill. According to Blackmore: “I would say this is going to end a pregnancy.” Adding, “this will be my third abortion.”

Anti-choice woman who looks like she sings karaoke at country bars flummoxed

At the 1:50 mark in the video, we can see Rebecca Kiessling isn’t exactly sure what to do with what just happened. Is she going to call something so innocuous ‘murder’ on local Detroit news? She’s not sure either, apparently. She spends a full 30 seconds attempting to make exasperated facial expressions.

Kiessling bailed on a hardline attack and decided to just offer anecdotal evidence about some of the physical and emotional discomforts that some people experience with a chemical abortion.

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