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Right-wing pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, a conspiracy theorist who’s running to primary a very conservative Republican senator from Oklahoma, recently said his church would never follow COVID restrictions because they’re all “Luciferian.”

Now he’s using his pulpit to condemn the Black Lives Matter movement, claiming that it was founded by lesbian witches.

What is the spirit of Jezebel? It’s a manipulating spirit.

You say give me an example of the spirit of Jezebel here in the United States of America today. It’s very easy. The organization called Black Lives Matter? That’s the spirit of Jezebel behind that organization. You say, “What are you talking about? Are you saying Black lives don’t matter?” Quit being a moron. That’s not what I said. I said the organization called Black Lives Matter is operating under the spirit of Jezebel.

Did you know that organization was founded by witchcraft-practicing lesbians? That’s who founded the organization… You say, “You can’t say that at church.” I JUST DID! You say, “But Jackson, that’s not politically correct!” That’s not our goal! Our goal is to be biblically correct. That’s our goal.

You say, “But you shouldn’t say that, you know, because the media, they’re gonna take this little clip — and Right Wing Watch is gonna post it all over the internet!”

Let me tell you something. We are not a woke church that is spiritually broke. We do not bow down and kiss the feet of the organization called Black Lives Matter. It will never happen on this stage, you can mark my words.

Trust me, no one was ever thinking Laymeyer’s church in Oklahoma was going to respect Black lives — the organization or individuals. He doesn’t need to worry about that.

More to the point, though, forget being “politically” correct; his statement is just flat-out incorrect, period. Its founders have a variety of beliefs and sexual orientations and none of it is relevant because BLM as a movement is inclusive. Lahmeyer is attacking the group and its founders because even he knows it’s an easier way to undercut what the movement actually stands for.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this clip is that Lahmeyer brags about how unwoke his church is rather than offering any solutions for combating racism — a real and historic and persistent problem in his state. Even if he disagreed with the politics of BLM, he could always affirm the statement that black lives do, in fact, matter. He chose not to. Why bother demonizing the group if you don’t propose a better option?

This is why churches like Lahmeyer’s shouldn’t be surprised when young Christians leave organized religion. They recognize that they can’t rely on conservative Christian pastors for moral guidance. Those pastors are the very people getting in the way of their vision of Christianity. They will have an easier time finding that kind of leadership in other spaces, even if that means belonging to secular organizations or activist groups founded by people who don’t share their religious views.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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