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Archbishop bars Pelosi from communion over abortion stance. This will backfire.

Reading Time: 3 minutes In what I can only assume is meant as a threat, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone just announced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ineligible for communion because she supports abortion rights. He explained in a letter that her actions (defending women’s right to control their own bodies) amounted to a “grave evil” and […]

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Michigan GOP candidate: I’d vote to ban birth control. ‘It should not be legal.’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jacky Eubanks, a Michigan Republican running for State House, said in a recent interview that, given the option, she would vote to ban all birth control because it violates her Catholic faith. The Trump-endorsed conspiracy theorist made the comments during an interview conducted last week with Michael Voris of the aptly named site Church Militant. […]

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Mental illness doesn’t cause mass shootings. Hate armed for war does

Reading Time: 6 minutes First Amendment-loving conservatives have long blamed isolated mental-health issues in very angry individuals but never the availability of guns as the proximate cause of America’s decades-long epidemic of horrific mass shootings in America. Or they claim mass shootings are hardly a problem at all and that, by the way, overall gun violence is supposedly down […]

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‘We’re a republic, not a democracy’: The origin of a weird talking point 

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s possible to say something that’s both true and weirdly revealing. When a detective asks where you were last night, and you say, “Certainly not in the parlor with a candlestick,” that might be true, but the strange precision would also make you an immediate person of interest. Starting about two years ago, any Facebook […]

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A sad goodbye: Jen Psaki’s final briefing

Reading Time: 4 minutes After the four years of Trump’s tenure in the White House, and a series of infamous press secretaries who became the butt of many liberal comedy shows, we finally found stability in the position that is the face of the US government. This stability hasn’t just been borne of a long stint in the position—something […]