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Our biggest mistake: We did as we were told

Reading Time: 7 minutes OnlySky · Our biggest mistake: We did as we were told | Neil Carter Those of us who broke up with Jesus (he wouldn’t return our calls) are accustomed to having our motives and our sincerity questioned by those still happy with their faith. We get it all the time. We hear that we weren’t authentic enough, […]

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The Bible approves of abortion: So why is the Religious Right really anti-choice?

Reading Time: 3 minutes As anyone who doesn’t live off the grid already knows, the Supreme Court handed down its decision on Dobbs v. Jackson, effectively removing protections for women to obtain secure safe abortions in the United States. The decision overturns Roe v. Wade, allowing states to outlaw a woman’s right to choose at their discretion, and introducing […]

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Think Americans could never be like the Taliban or ISIS? Think again.

Reading Time: 4 minutes You think the Afghan Taliban are bad? They’re relative sweethearts compared to their domestic arch-nemesis, the ruthless Islamic State affiliate known as Islamic State in Korasan Province, or IS-K for short. But make no mistake, ISIS and their ilk are both truly evil. As these two rival Muslim terrorist groups continue modeling their claimed superior […]

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Conservatives’ devotion to ancient texts assures extra abortions, gun murders

Reading Time: 4 minutes American conservatives have a problem with documents, specifically the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. It’s an interpretive problem because conservatives believe those docs are sacred or sacrosanct, which neither is (due to the fact that a god doesn’t appear to exist to sanctify them). And because these documents are mischaracterized by conservatives as “holy” in […]

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Reading Time: 2 minutes You probably know of me But you don’t know me I’m the lion waiting in the den The mystical life force that beckons forth, A line of salamanders and amphibians All morphed together to form me Your queen Truth is I existed only as plot, An evil necessary, If females were not needed for reproduction, […]

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The Supreme Court should stop taking religious beliefs so seriously

Reading Time: 3 minutes With a conservative super-majority on the Supreme Court, it’s no surprise that the justices are handing victory after victory to the Christian Right. This week was dominated by the revelation that conservative Christians were about to achieve their biggest victory ever after decades of reshaping the Court (and dismissing all the people who’d be hurt […]

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The man who met Methuselah

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Man of the Dart. The Man of the Javelin. Sacred texts say he was the oldest person who ever lived… His name was Methuselah and—in spite of the fact that he is a well-known figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—he is still a largely an enigma centuries after his death.  Or at least… he […]