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A Christian college punished a sexual assault victim for having premarital sex

Reading Time: 3 minutes Roughly five years ago, a teenager at a private Christian school became pregnant. Visibly pregnant. And that was the problem right there. The girl chose not to have an abortion because it violated her religious beliefs. Because she didn’t do that, though, the school punished her for having premarital sex: She wasn’t allowed to receive […]

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Life isn’t fair, so why should sports be?

Reading Time: 5 minutes To help us cope with life’s inevitable setbacks and injustices, we have developed certain aphoristic tidbits. Displayed often on bumper stickers and t-shirts, these include such sayings as, “It is what it is,” or the French version, “C’est la vie.” It also includes the PG-13 rendering of another, “Stuff Happens” (seen on bumper stickers as […]