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Why the nonreligious need to disengage from the latest spiritual buzz

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Christian media empire, the institutional church, and faith-based progressive political organizations continue to promote false spiritual buzzworthy slogans such as “if you build a better church they will come,” “we’re on the cusp of a new kind of Christianity,” or “if you follow my way of being, you will receive spiritual enlightenment, sacred sexual […]

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Preacher claims he ‘dissolved’ his church’s tax-exemption for political gain

Reading Time: 3 minutes A week after telling his congregation that True Christians™ could not vote for Democrats, Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke announced on Sunday that he had “dissolved” his church’s tax-exemption with the IRS. I want everybody online to pay real close attention. I almost brought the document. I was gonna burn it right here on national television, […]

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Kansas town to put ‘In God We Trust’ back on police cars—but there’s a twist

Reading Time: 3 minutes You knew it was too good to last. Two weeks ago, in Haven, Kansas, the city council asked the local police department to remove the “In God We Trust” decals from vehicles and to stop using their official Facebook page to promote Christianity. Council member Sandra Williams raising concerns about it, correctly noting that those […]

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Supreme Court: Boston can’t reject a ‘Christian’ flag (but there’s an easy fix)

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Supreme Court ruled today that Boston officials violated a man’s free speech rights when it refused to erect his Christian flag outside City Hall. It was a unanimous decision from the mostly conservative Court, and the only silver lining here may be that the decision comes with rather simple solutions. Harold Shurtleff and his […]

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How the NYT botched its coverage of the Supreme Court’s football prayer case

Reading Time: 8 minutes The New York Times‘ hit podcast The Daily published what should have been a straightforward episode on Wednesday morning about a controversial church/state separation case in front of the Supreme Court. Instead, they screwed up basic facts and leaned heavily on the Christian side of the debate. The case in question is Kennedy v. Bremerton […]

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Stop the Christian nationalist coup: Make politicians pay for their Crusades

Reading Time: 4 minutes When state Senator Stanley “Jason” Rapert of Arkansas sponsored a Senate bill that called for the placement of a Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds in Little Rock, he made it clear that no taxpayer funds would go toward the construction of the monument, for which he had established a crowd-funding campaign to meet […]