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The SBC Returns To Business As Usual

Reading Time: 9 minutes This past week, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) apparently decided that enough time had elapsed between all their various scandals that they could re-open shop for business as usual. I want to show you how some of these disgraced leaders are trying their best to make a comeback–and why they will succeed, and then fail.

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Al Mohler Just Had NO IDEA About All That Sexual Harassment in the SBC.

Reading Time: 10 minutes Every new day brings with it a new revelation about just how terrible the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), his home denomination, really is for women. A few days ago, Al Mohler–one of the denomination’s biggest names–tried to cool that fire a little. Well, he only made it worse. Today I’ll show you what he said and why he probably said it. And I’ll show you how he’s likely only made the SBC’s position worse.

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A Jack Chick Retrospective

Reading Time: 9 minutes In a way, it’s more important to understand Jack Chick’s role in shaping right-wing Christian culture than it is to understand Jimmy Swaggart’s contribution to the mindset. For good or ill, Jack Chick was modern American fundagelicalism. I’ll show you what I mean by that today.

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Dueling Decals Reveal Why Forgiveness Fails.

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you hang out on Twitter, you might have seen a peculiar decal making the rounds: a stylized rainbow man embracing a stylized man printed with the Confederate flag. Beneath the figures is the slogan “FORGIVENESS 2016.” Variants of the figures (some quite inventive) and comments on them have been making the rounds extensively, mostly in a mocking way. This mockery is well-deserved, because it’s not time for forgiveness yet.

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