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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inLGBTQ News

Kirk Cameron is still telling lies to boost sales of his new Christian book

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kirk Cameron is still spreading lies to publicize his new book, with his latest attempt at relevance taking place at the Indianapolis Public Library. I mentioned earlier this month that Cameron, the Christian evangelist and former TV star, was claiming libraries were censoring him despite welcoming drag queens and hosting LGBTQ-friendly events. Cameron’s publishers at […]

Posted inBooks

Public libraries aren’t censoring Kirk Cameron. He just wants attention.

Reading Time: 5 minutes In a desperate plea for attention and a pathetic attempt to market his new children’s book, Christian evangelist and former TV star Kirk Cameron claims libraries are censoring him even while welcoming drag queens and hosting LGBTQ-friendly events. Cameron’s publishers at Brave Books told FOX that they reached out to 50 public libraries to see […]

Posted inReligion

What ‘Christ’ Really Adds to Christmas

Reading Time: 7 minutes They’re 1000% certain that we’re missing out on the full meaning of Christmas because we don’t celebrate the holiday the same way they do. So today, let’s find out just what ‘Christ’ adds to ‘Christmas,’ what happens when he’s removed from the festivities, and why evangelicals are so angry about secular Christmas celebrations.

Posted inReligion

Christianese 101: ‘Conviction’

Reading Time: 11 minutes Hi and welcome back! For a long time now, I’ve studied Christianese. That’s the jargon that Christians use among themselves — particularly the really fervent and toxic ones, like fundagelicals and Catholic hardliners. Thanks to Christianese, they can be utterly unintelligible to outsiders — or, conversely, can hold an entire conversation using common words in English […]

Posted inLGBTQ, Religion

Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots: Kim Davis Edition.

Reading Time: 10 minutes Kim Davis is from a family of super-duper-fervent Christians in a super-duper-religious town, but she claims that her new birth only happened a few years ago for the very first time. As a result of her new birth, she is totally changed and a whole different person, and all her transgressions are forgotten. Indeed, it bothers her that people think she’s a total hypocrite. She’s indignant about it–and hates that while “God” has forgotten her past, people keep bringing it up. And I wonder who is fooled by this blatantly self-serving assertion of hers. Fundagelical Christians like her like to say that the second they are converted, anything that happened previously is off-limits. They are “born again,” in a very real sense: new creations, totally different people. Today I want to talk about how wrong this idea is, and why it only serves to further fundagelical interests and promote abuse. I’ll start by discussing Fireproof, that awful Christian movie I reviewed recently.

Posted inReligion

Fireproof: Making and Breaking the Promises.

Reading Time: 8 minutes That brand of Christianity makes some distinct promises to its adherents. If you do this, then you will get that. But it doesn’t actually follow through on those promises. Indeed, it really can’t. Instead it gives people something totally different. Today I want to talk about promises and Fireproof, and how this viewpoint stands up to reality.

Posted inReligion

Fireproof: Making Love Out of Nothing At All.

Reading Time: 8 minutes This movie echoes something I myself was taught as a young fundamentalist: that by doing loving things, one can create loving feelings in oneself and inspire loving feelings in a target. In other words, just like the old song by Air Supply put it, we were taught that we could make love out of nothing at all.

Posted inReligion

How Non-Christians’ Marriages Work. (Um, Right?)

Reading Time: 13 minutes Considering the overweening and galactic-level hubris they’re displaying by daring to offer serious advice to people in real need of real help, we shouldn’t be surprised at all that they’re just as misguided and erroneous in their presentation of a typical non-Christian marriage as they are in how Christians should conduct their marriages. Today I want to talk about what the movie’s creators think they’re saying about how non-Christians’ marriages work.

Posted inReligion

Fireproof: Hunting Bears with an Umbrella.

Reading Time: 9 minutes (This is part of our Fireproof review week–here’s the review itself and here’s where I talk about how the movie assumes that only Christians can make marriage work. Consider this, like all my movie posts, full of ALL THE SPOILERS. Also, I’m popping this into our Unequally Yoked Club series for obvious reasons.) Last time […]

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