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The Walt Disney Company is suing Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for copyright infringement. The multi-media and theme park giant charges that the conservative politician knowingly infringed on their intellectual property, Cruella de Vil, and is suing for $150 million in damages.

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Representative Greene attended the State of the Union speech by President Joe Biden in classic de Vil attire and screamed “Liar!” at the President when he stated the GOP wanted to destroy Medicare and Social Security. The internet took notice.

The Disney legal team wrote, “Ms. Greene irreparably damaged one of history’s great villains. Though Cruella de Vil did kidnap 15 puppies and intended to turn them into fur coats, she is not an anti-Semite nor does she make herself look like an idiot as Greene does.” Not only does the lawsuit demand the conspiracy-minded politician to pay $150 million, but it also places a lifetime ban on her cosplaying any Disney character.

Though she has yet to officially respond, Greene’s lawyers are quick to point out that many on Twitter did not think Greene looked like Cruella.

OnlySky Media’s entertainment reporter Andrew Canard had another point of view entirely. “I saw her more as Jadis, the White Witch, from CS Lewis’ Narnia series,” he said. “Would Greene plunge the USA into a 100-year winter as Jadis did to Narnia? More than likely, yes.”

Andrew Canard, OnlySky Media’s political pundit, pointed out that MAGA figures like Greene are only strengthening the Democratic Party. He argues that the lackluster performance by Republicans in the midterm elections was due to Trump and his followers. “I’m just waiting for the conspiracy theory that Greene is a plant funded by George Soros to destroy the GOP,” he said.

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