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Someone close to you will someday have a xenotransplant. Perhaps the organ will be from a genetically-altered heart from a Sus domesticus?

image by @krisroller


You will amaze your coworker when you mention woolly mammoths lived during the time the pyramids were built.

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Following up on that conversation with your friend who is vaccine-hesitant may just help them make the right choice.

image by @fildum


Sometimes you worry about the environment. You will feel calmer knowing that seaweed can manage cow farts.

image by @pascalvendel


When you’re stuck at Starbucks waiting for hot coffee on a cold winter day, you will feel thankful you’re not on this blistering hot exoplanet.

image by @antomalani


Life seems to be spinning out of control! Rediscover your emotional center with these faux bananas.

image by @moll51


A good friend will want to talk to you about Wolverine. You will point out new research showing mutations are not random.

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Things may not be adding up for you. Double-check your calculations with The History of Mathematics online exhibit.

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A loved one will call on you and want to have a fancy meal. Five thousand years ago, some elevated their drinks by drinking them with silver and gold straws. It’s just interesting.

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Your inbox is flooded. Is there birth control for emails? There is for rats infesting some cities. You will think about this and come to conclusions.

image by @enginakyurt


You may feel like you’re off your aim. Are you a little fuzzy? Maybe a cup of coffee will help your memory.

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You will lose something you need. Keys? Your phone? However, you will find something wondrous with science.

image by @kidka

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