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‘Stanleyville’ thumbs nose at meritocracy, basically everything

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kisangani is a major commercial port city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Under Belgian colonization it was known as Stanleyville, after Welsh-American explorer Henry Morton Stanley, of “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” fame. Stanley had been tapped by Belgian King Leopold II to establish a foothold for eventual annexation of the region. In 1897 […]

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Christian show ‘The Chosen’ vandalizes its own billboards to generate buzz

Reading Time: 4 minutes In an attempt to portray themselves as better than other forms of faith-based media, the producers of a new Christian TV show engaged in the most stereotypically evangelical scheme ever: They depicted themselves as victims of persecution when no such thing was actually happening. The show is The Chosen, which generated plenty of (earned) media […]

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‘Cow,’ ‘Gunda,’ and the strangeness of the mundane

Reading Time: 2 minutes The first movie I watched theatrically in 2021, following roughly a year of streaming and semi-deranged DVD hoarding, was Viktor Kossakovsky’s livestock documentary Gunda. Shot in crisp black and white, Gunda wordlessly follows the titular sow and her piglets on a pleasant-looking Norwegian farm. There’s no human dialogue or narration to orient the viewer, no […]