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Earlier today, Roger Stone, the political consultant and adviser to Donald Trump who was convicted of obstruction, witness tampering, and lying to Congress before Trump commuted his sentenced in July, preached at the Tennessee church of hate-pastor Greg Locke.

Back in March, in his first interview since being sentenced, Stone had said he felt good since he had “taken Jesus Christ as my personal savior.” He also said in July that the people who prosecuted him were “Satanic” atheists.

But instead of talking about the gospel, Stone spent most of his “sermon” this morning praising his Lord and Savior Donald Trump.

The speech begins around the 33:20 mark. I can’t quote any one part of it because the whole things is just insane. It wasn’t even a sermon. There were cursory mentions of Jesus, but make no mistake, this was a political rally to benefit Trump. If the IRS was better-staffed and took its own policies seriously, this church would lose its tax exempt status.

Stone “preached” against the judge in his case, the jury foreperson, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, the federal prosecutors, Michael Cohen, etc. He insisted he did nothing wrong when the documentation of his crimes have long been public.

Maybe the most ironic part was when he said Trump saved him from remaining in prison during the COVID crisis, which he said would have been a “death sentence”… while speaking to Locke’s Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, where no one in the crowd appeared to be wearing a mask or social distancing.

The whole thing could be summed up in these two pictures:

Christ, we’re a nation of idiots.

As I said before, if these churchgoers sincerely accept Locke’s version of Christianity, no doubt they’ll believe whatever Stone tells them. He’s gotten away with lying his entire life. Why would anyone expect him to change now?

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