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Editing the infallible

Reading Time: 3 minutes For nearly a century and a half after the 1859 publication of On the Origin of Species, the Catholic Church did a coy dance with evolutionary theory, deciding at last to accept it in the same way it decided Galileo deserved an apology—glacially and partially. I at least give the Vatican credit for noticing something […]

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Will new scientific evidence shake up theories about evolution?

Reading Time: 5 minutes For skeptics and the scientifically-minded, there is nothing at all controversial about evolution. And by the term “evolution,” what is generally understood is “evolution by natural selection.” Evolution by natural selection is the main evolutionary process by which we explain the diversity of all living organisms. This process is somewhat blind. In simple terms, organisms […]

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Darwin – friends and foes

Reading Time: 5 minutes When, in 1996 Pope John Paul II – now prancing around Heaven as a saint – said that “fresh knowledge leads to the recognition of the theory of evolution as more than just a hypothesis”, Amanda Chesworth, head of an anti-creationist Darwin Day group, pointed out in The Guardian that “at the time, newspapers in […]

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Is ‘survival of the fittest’ a tautology?

Reading Time: 8 minutes I was recently posting about my book series Survival of the Fittest, with the first book, Metamorphosis [UK], detailing a global pandemic that changes its human victims into viral victims who are competing with established humanity for survival. The second book Adaptation lays out the groundwork for a divergence in some groups of the surviving humans, as well as within […]

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Myxozoa: Pushing the Limits of Definitions (LSP #214)

Reading Time: 5 minutes The sheer mind-blowing facts of our world never end. These rabbitholes we explore turn into warrens full of information for the curious to devour — and each new twist and turn in the warren only leads us to more questions we want to answer. At no time in human history has it been easier to learn and grow — and best of all, to share what we’ve found with others.