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America? We need to talk.

Reading Time: 2 minutes I want to start by saying I will always love you. You’ve been here my whole life. You gave me MTV. And let’s face it, without Madonna or Tawny Kitaen, I might have ended up a DMV clerk or some other horrendous thing. We’ve had a lot of good times together. Remember when we thought […]

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Church embraces pastor who admits to ‘adultery’ despite victim saying she was 16

Reading Time: 7 minutes On Sunday, Pastor John B. Lowe of New Life Christian Church in Warsaw, Indiana confessed to sexually assaulting a child decades ago. Actually, he didn’t come out and say that. He only confessed to “adultery.” It was only when the victim took the stage moments later to correct the record—she was 16 and he assaulted […]

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GOP’s Earth Day paper towels actually kill the planet

Reading Time: 2 minutes In an attempt to clean up its anti-environment and pro-pollution image, the GOP unveiled its Earth Day paper towels. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the paper towels are far worse than the run-of-the-mill ones. The Earth Day paper towel burns the skin if you touch it without protection. Wear gloves! Consumer advocate Andrew Canard […]

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Tolerating the hypocrites: religious exemptions and the problem of belief

Reading Time: 3 minutes Americans are skeptical of religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination rules. According to a recent Pew survey, two-thirds of Americans suspect that those who claim a religious exemption are “just using religion as an excuse to avoid the vaccine.” But let’s be cautious in judging other people.  It is difficult to judge the sincerity of our own beliefs. […]

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Joe Biden delays student loan repayment and Republican Jesus cries ‘Socialism!’

Reading Time: 2 minutes WASHINGTON DC – Republican Jesus turned over at least seven tables and shot several chairs with his AR-15 on the Senate floor when he found out President Joe Biden plans to delay student loan repayment yet again. As the Son-of-God of the GOP conducted his rampage many Democrat and Republican senators remarked, “We should’ve seen […]

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What makes evangelicals so sure that the pandemic isn’t God’s judgment on them?

Reading Time: 6 minutes [Previous: Are COVID deaths natural selection in action?] Although the Omicron wave is receding, the threat of COVID isn’t over. Over a thousand people are still dying each and every day in the U.S. alone, many more around the world. Vaccination rates remain stubbornly low, and very young children still have no approved vaccine at […]

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Why authoritarians love—and hate—an apology

Reading Time: 7 minutes A couple of months ago, an interesting news story passed my desk. Republican senator Tom Cotton held up an important congressional vote about the justice system. And why, one might idly ask? Well, because long ago, a Democrat involved with this procedure had interrupted him. Cotton was still furious about it, and he wanted an apology. Today, let me show you why that apology mattered so much to Tom Cotton.