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Charity founded by Islamic hate preacher has been shut down in the UK

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Islamic Research Foundation International (IRFI)— registered in the UK in 2007 with the aim of “advancing the faith and religious practices of Islam”—was shut down earlier this month after several run-ins with charity and broadcasting regulators. This move has been lauded by those who have tried for years to silence the hate speech emanating […]

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My tangled feelings at Ramadan | Eiynah

Raised in Saudi Arabia in a Muslim family of Pakistani background, and now an atheist living in Canada, Eiynah knows something about displacement, and disorientation, and the yearning for the lost familiar. Although she left Islam under her own power and is a strong critic of religion, her childhood and culture are intertwined in Islam. […]

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A horrific ‘gay purge’ in Chechnya shows the limits of our moral attention

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 2019, a brutal ‘gay purge’ took place in the Russian republic of Chechnya. It was not the first. Since 2017, gay men have been hunted, abducted, and tortured by the Chechen authorities. Some have been murdered. The story was briefly covered by Western media. Thinking that the return (yet again) of concentration camps to […]

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Fascism in India: The role of Nazis in Hindu nationalism

Reading Time: 7 minutes When writing on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in Hindu extremism, I committed the cardinal sin of not defining a key term: fascism. This was a conscious choice, because I’ve written before on how quickly we mire ourselves in political word games. Better to start with the government figure that Western media keeps centering, as […]

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Fascism in India: Who’s ‘in charge’ of 1.4 billion?

Reading Time: 8 minutes There’s something fascinating, if also disturbing, about Western incuriosity around the world’s largest democracy. 1.4 billion of our world’s 7.8 live in India, a country a third the size of the US, which has under a quarter of India’s population. How can the fortunes of so many mean so little? Nevertheless, India exists in the […]

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Saudi state executes apostates. Is U.S. immune to such religious brutality?

Reading Time: 6 minutes I can confirm firsthand from past decades I spent living and working in Saudi Arabia that the desert kingdom’s citizens are—as most Americans are—generally warm, generous, and kindly folks. Extraordinarily so, in fact. But the Saudi government and presumably most citizens also vigorously support the death penalty. Saudis are the Semitic Muslim, political equivalent of […]

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The dabbling, ‘mad alien’ God of Richard Swinburne

Reading Time: 7 minutes In this piece, I will present the views of British philosopher and leading Christian apologist Richard Swinburne, paraphrased by often using his words, in italics.  The first question is, which god? He says it is that of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Christian god is called God, which distinguishes him from Yahweh or Jehovah, and […]